My Top 20 Games: A Land of Innocence has no need for Gods.

This series is a long time coming. Gaming is just a huge behemoth, with billions of players every year. It has been a huge part of my life. So, this series, I will talk about what I believe are the best games I’ve ever played, or at least the video games I have enjoyed the […]

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Author Interview – Steven Raaymakers

To summarise the last few days, it is safe to say my review of Enderal was extremely popular. That is a good thing! Welcome to my next author interview! This time it is with the awesome Steven Raaymakers, who’s first novel A Canticle of Two SoulsĀ came out last month. Check it out down below: Looks […]

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Enderal: The Shards of Order. A Chilling Masterpiece

How on earth is this free? There is a AAA quality game in this, and the best thing is, it only requires a copy of Vanilla Skyrim. I posted an in-progress analysis of Enderal a couple of years back, in August 2016 before technical issues with my laptop stopped me playing it further. Well, after […]

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Author Interview – Bonnie Price

Welcome to my latest interview! While Beast From the East continues to ravage the UK (It is so cold that even the Scottish are wearing coats out there!), I interviewed an awesome up and coming author, Bonnie Price. Her book Beneath the MistsĀ is out tomorrow, and I jumped at the chance to spotlight here on […]

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Battle of the Elder Scrolls – The Best of the Bunch?

Well. This should be interesting! I’ve been wanting to write an article like this one for quite some time. The Elder Scrolls has been around for decades, and right now, it seems Elder Scrolls VI keeps eluding us. (Hint, Hint!) Skyrim is still so popular they love re-launching it every few months. Eh, it’s fun, […]

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Author Interview: Heather L. Cassaday

Back with another interview. This time, I have ridden hard across the plains of the earth to bring you a rare chance with Heather Cassady. She runs a pretty awesome blog of her own, check it out in the link questions at the end of the interview. Enjoy!   1. First of all, tell me […]

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Author Interview: Christian Terry

Back again, with another author interview! This time, join me in the age of GameLit and LitRPG with an awesome guy and a very good friend of mine, Christian Terry. I love what this guy does and he has incredible talent. Check out his novel down below:     First of all, tell me about […]

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