The Counterbalance: My world

First of all, some background information for why I decided to make this page, and mainly this blog as a means of spreading my work and ideas ^^

I’m 25 years old, and for most of my life have loved reading and writing fiction; it’s a great feeling being able to craft your own world and tales with a stroke of a finger on keyboard, or a pen. Onto this. Back when I was maybe 10 or 11, I was creating a fantasy world around which eventually became the crux of the novel I am writing. Although I didn’t really do anything with it until about a year ago, It proved to be quite useful in my gaming, which is another one of my main hobbies in life….the typical gaming nerd here!

However, it was around November 2012 when it took a new turn, during a period of my life in which things were particularly difficult. I had been diagnosed with depression, and it was proving to be a strenuous and hard period in my life. In this mess and while I was starting to recover from the dark period, I watched the first season of Game of Thrones, and frankly it blew my mind. With the help of useful friends I secured the first copy of A Song of Ice and Fire and begun reading. Frankly, reading George. R.R. Martin’s work changed me for the better. Furthermore, it got me thinking onto my fantasy world, and wondered if I could make it a reality. I had already had some experience with writing long fiction, but that was mainly fan-fiction. In the middle of another failed rewrite, I realised I could use that knowledge and lessons learnt to work on my own novel.

That was 3 years ago almost, and progress has been steady but nowhere near where I want. Of course, what I want is this to be a multi-millionaire success where I sit back and revel in how awesome I had become, but dreams do die hard! Health and motivation has been up and down, and last August I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a disabling condition which still cripples me to this day. Nonetheless, the past two years have not made me idle, and I am finally in a position where I am happy to put up this page. I will make this dream a reality, and with luck my readers will love the world and story as much as I do. This story has seen maybe four rewrites, and finally I feel happy that I may have it right. Still to come: characters and snippets of history in the world I have created. Anybody got any questions or anything, don’t hesitate to ask me!


Below is my book page, but that won’t be all this blog will be about! It’ll take up the majority, but it’ll also be a crux for my gaming habits, tennis articles, books I’ve read, films I like (and don’t like) and general things about the world 🙂

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