The Beginnings of the Kahal: Worldbuilding.

Worldbuilding is vital for making a new world of any kind, especially for a long-winding fantasy novel. One of the main reasons I set up this blog, besides spouting my random gaming enjoyments, is to share my world. Below is just a snippet of part of my worldbuilding.

: For those who want to make maps below, this is what I used, a free beta software 🙂

The Kahal is at the center of Harloph, a large mountainous region consisting of many of the nomadic tribes which inhabit its forested terrain. The desolate Corpselands lies to the east, separated by the great Iris river which is the bloodline of Kahal. To the west of the Kahal is the mysterious and deadly secrets of the Keidan, ancient assassins stronghold built during the Second Age of the Valian masters, with the neutral trading city of Tarantown to the north west; serving as a heritage site for the religious fervour of the Kahal tribes and a place of peace. The great worksmiths of the plains of Uslor dwell in the south-west, a little-known nation.

Kahal is a rural realm, many of the tribes living in autonomy although they unite together as one nation. Only three major cities exist in the heavily forested region; the capital city Hadan, the northern outpost Iribo and Laros. On the map, red represents Pharos Order occupation, which has been evident in the Kahal region for the past thirty years.

Kahal’s history has always been bloody, the fierce tribes clashing often with each other as well as with the Pharos Order, and has fought occasional wars against the might of the Bale Empire. The way of the Kahal tribes in warfare is to use quick strikes with spear and horsemen, using the terrain to their advantage in battle. The thick pine forests and hills stretching for dozens of leagues in any direction , which suited the tribesmen on their home ground against invaders. They are battle hardened, ferocious warriors, but lack discipline as an army, suiting guerrilla tactics and small skirmishes as opposed to open battle.

Twenty years before the main storyline of Counterbalance, Kahal fought its most brutal civil war yet as it rebelled against Order occupation and the oppressive feudal lords who welcomed in the fanatical Order. Years of oppression culminated in a vicious massacre at the annual Octane festival, where followers of the Octane faith celebrated their existence; but thousands were killed by the Order purists, who outlawed all Octane worship in Kahal. This sparked a ferocious revolt under the Carrow clan leader and lawful heir to the ruler of Kahal Augustin, who raised his standard and started a war which spread across the province and lasted for seven years before its eventual defeat. Nonetheless, its history has left a scar in the earth ever since, and shaped the futures of many men, including feared necromancer Tyir of Irene.





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