The Worldly experience: Skyrim

The most annoying character in Skyrim. I took control of this idiot and killed him countless times. And regretted nothing.



Ah yes, The Elder Scrolls. Bethesda cashed in on a goldmine with these list of great, yet often buggy open world action-RPG games. I’ll be perfectly honest here for a moment, and admit something. Elder scrolls V Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls game I ever played. I know, that’s awful. I didn’t hear much or even play the older versions until after I played Skyrim for a good amount of time. How mad is that?

Welcome to my latest blog piece. I’ve noticed lately that I’m getting a lot more hits on my blog when I talk about games rather then my writing, so I’ll indulge you all for a bit! The next few pieces will be about gaming, then I’ll switch back to a more balanced timeframe for what I’ll be writing about. Some of the stuff I’ll be doing will be:

  • Game reviews
  • Generally talking about games I like, and which ones have had the most impact on my life.
  • Favourite TV shows.
  • My writing and my process in creating characters and the world
  • Tennis. This will become increasingly evident as the 2016 ATP World Tour continues. I am a huge fan (some would say fanatical) of the sport, the only sport I really follow, and will make frequent posts as the tour goes on.

Now, back to what you guys and girls came to see…. skyrim!

I first learnt about the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim during 2011, basically when it came out, and my friend messaged me going “dude, you have to buy this game!” I watched some videos about it, saw how fun it looked and basically put it on my christmas list. It was something I’d never played before (I mostly stuck to strategy games like AOE, Empire Earth and the Total war series, so this was new ground.) As I didn’t have a good enough computer to run it properly, I got it for the xbox 360 (Which I still own and use; I haven’t been able to upgrade to 4th Gen yet!)

I got the game for christmas, and started playing it immediately. I was blown away. The depth of everything, the magic and the medieval fantasy world I was in just overwhelmed me. Of course, now we look back on it, many games are better, but I loved it, and still do. It’s still one of the best games I ever played. The beginning, being a prisoner and escaping Alduin’s wrath, escaping through Helgen and running out with my Stormcloak buddies (I followed Ralof only because I didn’t appreciate the Imperials trying to cut off my head.)

The number of quests, killing dragons, hunting through Skyrim and exploring the frozen wilderness was incredible, especially since I hadn’t played the franchise before. I immediately went to find its prequels and got Oblivion and Morrowind; both too are excellent games, and in many cases are better than Skyrim. But for an open world experience, this game took control, and I cracked several hundred hours on my xbox. After seeing all the mods available for the game, I saved up money and got a gaming PC just for it, where I can enjoy it further. Sandbox open world stuff like this has always been one of my favourite genre of game, because I love the freedom. I love dragons, fantasy magic and fighting, and Skyrim had it all.

The first quest line I did was the Dark Brotherhood, and I loved being the assassin for profit, killing people and getting gold for it, but I kept losing the gold through getting caught in towns stealing. The first time I attacked a chicken in Riverwood and have all the townsfolk lose their shit and attack me was hilarious, and I kept doing it. Overall I probably racked up 30,000+ gold in bounty over the first 50 hours alone.


Killing my first dragon was a huge achievement, but even on max difficulty, the stronger your character got, the easier it became. Skyrim was never seen to me as a hard game, and if you have it for the PC, I recommend looking at some difficulty-enchancing mods to improve it, because it was a major problem of the game. Didn’t stop me dying a LOT in the first 20 levels, but once I hit a certain point, nothing could defeat me. I had to take to assaulting Markarth with Odahviing just to try and get a challenge. I had over 30 Markarth guards try and kill me, and still fail. I still greatly enjoyed every part of it however. Playing god with an incredibly powerful character still has its merits.

The civil war was….cool but disappointing. When I found out how much content got cut from the released version, I was pissed. Still, I enjoyed it, and played both sides. In honesty, I hate both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. The stormcloaks are racist bastards (yet they still happily let me, an orc or dark elf, join them) and the Imperials were idiots who tried to execute me. Even when allied to one, I still happily and indiscriminately killed men on both sides.

The expansion packs I greatly enjoyed too. Dawnguard was the first, followed by Dragonborn. I didn’t get to play Hearthfire until 2014, though that was mostly just house building. When Dawnguard came out, I loved it. Become a Vampire lord and mess around with people? Where do I sign? Being a vampire, strolling through the great occult castle was great, and travelling to Solstheim was a lot of fun too, and surprisingly in depth.

Skyrim however had many problems; the magic was fairly broken, yet enjoyable, the bugs at times were incredibly annoying and at times gamebreaking. I actually couldn’t complete Dawnguard questline in one playthrough because the quest flag character never appeared in one of the quests. That and constant CTDS in the PC version is a frequent grind on me whenever I play.
But Skyrim is something I’ll keep visiting. It’s mostly enjoyable, fantastic mod support and always going to be an important game in my life.  


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