The misery: Most Disappointing games I’ve played: Part 1.

It happens to us all. We get a game we’ve wanted for ages, played it and then realised…”Oh wait. This game is awful! Or, it’s not as good as we thought!” It’s only natural to us gamers, and myself is no exception.

Hey everyone, and welcome to my latest blog! It’s been a while; things have been difficult for me lately, mainly narrowed down to emotional health and financial problems. But I’m back for now, and got plenty of new ideas for this blog! Gaming is a huge part of my life, but as with everything, we all have disappointments. So I thought I’d discuss games in the past which have most disappointed me. This can be for several reasons, but my main rule was this: It has to be games I’ve played, not just stuff I’ve heard about. (Sorry EA titles I haven’t played, and sorry Assassin’s Creed III, you would have been on this list otherwise.)  I have narrowed it down to 10, and decided that I will split this blog into separate parts. There isn’t really a hierarchy of them in order of the most disappointing I’ve ever played, but if you guys like I’ll make that list for the end of the list. (I already have a certain idea for what would top my list…) Here we go!

Godus, PC


I’m amazed this awful thing even got released. I’m even more annoyed that despite the huge Kickstarter this got, it was even more of a failure.

Oh Peter Molyneux. You’ve always overhyped and over-exaggerated how amazing your games were, and maybe you just like taking on tasks you’ll never complete. As much as I dislike this developer, he did make some really good games. Fable was pretty solid, and despite my criticism of Black and White 1 and its sequel, they remain one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played, and even now I still love playing them. Despite the fact they are buggy and at times frustrating, they are still really good gems, and I recommend them to anyone. Is it a bad thing to have great dreams? No, as long as you don’t manipulate and extort your fans. This certainly did.

Then we come to this monstrosity of a failure. Not only is it an awful mobile game ported to PC (one of my biggest pet peeves about games, look for more of this in a later blog), but the developers completely gave up on it, and therefore messed up the Kickstarter backers. 22cans, I find you guys nearly as bad as EA. You lied to your backers, made promises you blatantly couldn’t keep, and just pissed off all those who backed you. It’s a real shame, because Godus looked like a spiritual successor to the great game Populous, but instead imploded into a buggy, unfinished mess by a developer team who bit off more then it could chew, lie to the people who supported them and even added microtransactions. Unforgivable. Luckily I only had to pay £1 for this game, but it’s not even worth that.

Maybe, under new management, it will turn out half decent, but the company is pretty much dead because of this failure. And that’s a shame, because I herald creativity. Peter is nothing but creative, and his mind is great. Just needed to stop making promises he couldn’t keep.

Empire Earth 3



No. Just no. Sierra, how could you mess up such an amazing first game? Empire Earth was my childhood. A strategy game spanning 100,000 years of history, with loads of units, four excellent and well scripted campaigns (I have blogs planned just to cover the excellence of these,) an indepth map editor…it had it all, and it was a great little game. Its sequel EE2 was okay, but the danger signs were already there. When EE3 came out, I held off on it, waiting until it had dropped to less than £5 before I bought it. Empire Earth 2 had me already iffy, because it had dumbed a lot of things down from the previous game; the AI was awful and the campaigns were terrible, but I was willing to give this a shop.

What a failure this turned out to be. It had been totally dumbed down. While Empire Earth 1 had 14 different ages, EE3 had just 5. The animations were terrible, the AI was disappointing, combat was worse than the first EE game, and the lack of options really ruined it for me. All the complexity from the game had been removed (Think of Fallout 4 had been dumbed down from Fallout 3, but much worse. Nothing on FO4, because it’s a good game. Just a criticism in general.) What an awful end for the Empire Earth series. It never really recovered from the debut version.

The campaign of EE3 was actually alright, but the dumbed down mechanics and terrible performance ruined it in the end. Big disappointment.


Total War, Rome 2, PC.

Screw you, Creative Assembly. You turned me from a die-hard fan of the total war series into a hater of your methods.





Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the total war series in general. Medieval 1 total war was the first I played, and I was blown away from its depth. It was beyond anything I had played before. Then came Rome 1, which was if possible, even better. I racked up thousands of hours on these games, and that isn’t an exaggeration. I longed for a sequel, and I finally got it in late 2014. I even bought the game on release day. This was the last time I have pre-ordered or bought a game up front on the first day.

The developers really messed up on this game. Terrible performance issues, AI worse then Medieval 2 and even worse then vanilla Rome total war 1, It crashed often, and the battles were incredibly quick due to awful morale issues. The phalanx, which Rome 1 got right completely, fell apart as it marched (tight formations of spearmen, for those who don’t know.) The missile graphics again, were worse then the first game! The campaign map did look beautiful, which was a plus, but it was a huge disappointment. The biggest kicker for me is seeing the pre-alpha footage, and finding it actually superior then the released game. What made things worse was the DLC. The worst one? A BLOOD dlc. This is one of the biggest pisstakes in recent gaming trends, and I’ll mention that too in another blog rant.

They were able to fix some of the problems, but CA ruined this franchise for me, and seeing Attila, showed they haven’t learnt. They’ll no longer get any of my money, because I feel they don’t deserve it. The fact that they clearly hid the problems of the game from early reviewers in order to rack up more sales was disgusting, and I have lost all respect for this company.

I know they’ll release Warhammer at some point, and I hope to god that they redeem themselves, for their sake. But I’ll refuse to buy it from them.

That’s all I have so far, but tune in for part 2 soon! What was your most disappointing game! Comment or message me, I’d love to discuss it!


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