Growing Success: My writing life in 2015.

Not a long piece this time, but something I wanted to share regarding my writing this past year. I’ll be back soon properly with more gaming, this is just a short one to put up before Christmas 🙂

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since my last blog post, a lot has happened lately. Not all of it good, but this is definitely a piece of good, and hopefully inspiring writing on my behalf.

This blog piece is regarding my writing. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for nearly three years now, my page is on Facebook as so:

Writing can be a lonely and difficult world, and writing an epic fantasy novel is no exception. It’s been a constant case of two steps forward, three steps back for me. The novel went through three complete rewrites and six completely new plot-changes.

For the last few years I had been making decent progress, but nothing huge, mainly because living with CFS, depression and IBS has taken up a lot of my energy, but my fortunes have changed  this past June, when I was contacted by a publishing representative of Nordland Publishing, a great little Norse based company in Norway. After a lot of Skype calls I got invited to a group to pool ideas and help together, and it’s help I can’t underline in how good it has been for me; since then I’ve been able to finish the first draft of book 1, transformed the plans into a trilogy and made it a lot more streamlined. The group I’m with are all great people and it’s been a huge boon for me.

The big turning point came in October. Recently I submitted a short story for Profound Fiction‘s Halloween anthology, called “The Corpse Candle and other Nightmares”. I was sceptical it’d get accepted, my submission by my own words was “dark” and I assumed too dark to be published. (The story, called Sade, I then showed to my parents, an awkward moment for any horror writer!)

However, to my shock and delight, I’m proud to say it got accepted and got released on Halloween . This is my first ever publication and I’m over the moon with it. Hopefully it’ll get my name on the map, and it’s inspired me to write more short stories, which has always been my weak point, and hopefully get some more publications in for 2016, while I work on my main goal of getting Counterbalance published.

I’ll be back soon with another blog! I have many things to talk about, and I have part 2 for Most Disappointing games I’ve ever played still to come!



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