We’re still here…

I can only apologise for the lack of content on the blog, a lot came up the last two months. However I hope I can make a return to this soon. So instead here is a very short round-up of the last two months.

  1. Health is still a struggle but hopefully counselling and anti-anxiety training will help with that. Same goes for my mental health. It’s a daily battle but one I’m confident of defeating again.
  2. I turned 26 in February, and feel no different, although it was a great day, I spent it with my girlfriend and family.
  3. Been playing a lot of new games, particularly Witcher 3 (My pick for best game of 2015, I’m so sorry I didn’t upload part 2! I can sum it up quickly now in my top 3:

3) Undertale

2) MGSV The Phantom Pain

1)  The Witcher 3

4. I’ve been working a lot on freelance work in making fantasy maps for people. It’s had some success so far and something I want to do on the side for a while.

5) Revision with Counterbalance is progressing slowly, but it has all been positive on that front, so that’s a good thing.


This is mainly just an update to let you guys know I’m not dead? 🙂



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