Random Thoughts of the Week…



For a new blog, I decided to make this one a quick, easy post regarding random things which I’ve thought about lately. I hope to get back to doing this more often, so with luck expect to see a lot more from me soon! This generally covers all things in my life including writing, hobbies, sport, news and the like, so expect a lot of random stuff!

  • I started up a fantasy map service at the beginning of 2016, and it’s gone better then I expected. Had a few commissions so far with good feedback and a couple more easing into it. The extra income really helps in my current position and it’s work I really enjoy. With luck I’ll get my name out there a bit more this year and continue my way.  For other notes, I’ll list my Fiverr profile below. https://www.fiverr.com/michaelbaker611
  • Microsoft shut down Lionhead Studios. This brought a sour taste to my mouth. Microsoft has a habit of shutting down studios and fucking them up. I have overall fond memories of this company. Despite the flaws of Black and White, both games I thoroughly enjoyed and while overrated they were both creative, reasonably well designed and I’ve sunk dozens of hours into both games. I liked Fable less, but I’ve played Fable II a fair bit and enjoyed it. The company has struggled for a long time, but losing it will hurt. Peter, 22cans was an appalling change. Make Black and White 3. People might even forgive you for the lies you did with the terrible nature that was Godus.
  • Tennis is the only sport I follow, and it’s reeling following Maria Sharapova’s’ failed drugs test. For the record, I don’t think she is a drugs cheat, I think it was an honest mistake. But she and her group were idiots not to check the ban list of substances, and that cock-up is going to be extremely costly. She’ll receive a hefty ban or has to; Viktor Troicki received an 18 month ban over non-concrete proof of a similar charge. If she gets off lightly because of her image, the WTA is going to take a hammering. If this was Serena, many people would be losing their shit. Regardless of the result, I think her career is over, which is a shame.
  • Hitman episodes start this week. I for one am very iffy about the episodic release; it’s just an excuse to raise more profit. But I still plan on buying it down the line, or the very least try it out.
  • Finally finished MGSV The Phantom Pain. My god the story sucked and it became increasingly fragmented, but I still love the gameplay. Was the 2nd favourite game of 2015 for me, with Witcher 3 ahead of everything else.
  • Stardew Valley…I’m amazed how good it is! It’s so relaxing, has a fairly in depth world and you can do a heck of alot in it for such a small package. The developer is a saint and a legend for making this game and I have high praise for him. Well done.
  • Ah the Division. Ubisoft, despite the lot of criticism I give that company for its practices, released a decent game here, but is it worth the hype? Please, don’t turn this into the crapfest that was Destiny.
  • Davis Cup was a good watch over the weekend, it’s usually worth keeping an eye on. Nishikori played very well against Andy Murray but just came short. I still worry over Great Britain’s team ability, because without Murray they really have little to rely on, although Jamie Murray is a fantastic doubles player. Serbia in the quarter finals in June will be a huge test.
  • Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord’s gameplay looks FANTASTIC. My most awaited game of 2016, but I wonder if it can live up to the immense hype. Warband was a brilliant game, so I have high hopes for these devs.
  • CA have delayed Warhammer’s release by a month to focus on polishing it. After what happened to Rome 2, this was a good move. But I still refuse to buy any of their products for full price again. They have a disgusting business model, and have yet to win back my trust.

That’s it for now, but I’ll return in a week with more thoughts and more content!


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