Random Thoughts of the Week

Another week goes by. I hope to make one of these at least every week, and write more articles when they come to me. But for now, I’m enjoying writing these. This effectively is a sum up of things which have happened in the past week. Warning, this may have some strong language. Minors be warned xD


  • Starters, one of the best news for me was Ian Duncan Smith’s resignation from DWP. He didn’t do this out of his new-found respect for the disabled, god no. His track record of enabling thousands of disabled to die contradicts everything this liar says. This man is a monster, and he should not only have been sacked, but be placed on trial for manslaughter charged. Do you know what other famous government resulted in the deaths of thousands of disabled people? The Nazis. This is very personal for me because of my own health problems, and many friends of mine struggle every day because of the horrendous cuts to disabled benefit the Tory party has introduced. He resigned to save his own skin, but if it leads to serious change or the downfall of George Osborne and David Cameron, I’m all ears. They need to go, but unfortunately I have no trust in capitalism at all to believe any good will ever come out of it. (Sorry for the heavy beginning thought!)


  • Editing my own work has been proving hard, but I’ve finally completed the first half of the Thousand Scars. More work needed, but it’s slowly turning a corner. I’ve also done some good work (around 3,000 words) on book II: The Aegis Mora, writing some scenes which I’ve been very pleased by. Hopefully by May I should feel confident enough with Book 1 to approach my editor.
  • Been submitting short stories to different publishers lately, hopefully I’ll get some more success down the line. I’m quite enjoying the opportunity, I must say, and it helps me get on the market.
  • I finished another map commission this week. I’m frankly amazed at the amount of service I’d received so far, and the feedback. It’s something I enjoy, and the extra money really helps my position. Cartography has been my interest for a long time, and world building I’ve been doing for years so it’s nice to hone my skills while making some money on the side too. I’m always up for commissions so if anyone would like one, feel free to contact me.


  • Once again the age-old argument about equal pay flares up between the men/women. I’m all for equality and equal pay, BUT I do think that they should trial the women’s game trying out best of 5 set matches just like the men’s side at Grand Slams. They are perfectly capable, and if anything if people say they aren’t it’s actually demeaning their side. As it currently stands the main argument for more pay on the men’s side is that they arguably work harder and longer for their money, and it is a fair point. However, both sides should be paid the same.
  • Djokovic is still unstoppable. 6-2 6-0 in the final? That’s disappointing for Raonic after a solid tournament (Injury hurt him, and his half was easier in that Murray and Warwinka lost early.) But who can honestly take on Djokovic currently?
  • Despite Nadal losing again, he had a good tournament, with some impressive play. Maybe a return to form? The next 6 months I think will be critical for his future. He’s still losing too easily to people who in the past he would have beaten without a sweat.


  • I bought Impossible Creatures on steam this week. It’s still as good as I remember! It was a 2001 RTS game where you combine two different animals together in hundreds of combinations for combat units. It has its faults but it’s still as fun and well-made as it was back then, and it has aged amazingly well. One of my top 20 games for sure, possibly even top 10.
  • I’m going to reinstall Skyrim soon to try out the new mods. Most importantly, two huge mods are coming out around June; Enderal and Awake: The Rise of Mannimarco. I’ll most certainly be playing both. Skyrim’s had some lack of fantastic mods lately, so I’m looking forward to going back to it.
  • 32 hours into the Witcher 3, and I’m still blown away by how good it is. But combat I still find a bit flaky. When I’ve completed the main storyline, I’ll be writing a full review.


Thats all for now, I’ll be checking in with you guys again soon!


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