Random Thoughts of the Week

Happy Easter everybody! I swear I’ll be back doing proper blogs rather than this lazy (but effective, I have to say) updates, but it’s a nice thing to keep writing as it’s easy to do and keeps me blogging. Welcome to another random thoughts of the week, where I basically spout my crazy thoughts about things in the week. Now, I can’t mention everything I’ve thought of, that takes too much time, and frankly I’m a bit mad. If everybody knew my full thoughts, they’d lose their minds 😉 This is a more random approach today.

  • Writing has been progressing very well. I finished two short stories, done a lot of revision on the Thousand Scars (link to my Writing page on FB! https://www.facebook.com/thousandscar/) I’m discussing co-writing a dystopia war novel with a very good friend of mine, and I’m considering rebooting an old idea I’ve had for several months, using the skeleton of something I wrote back in 2013 as a basis. Think a blend of present day fantasy with necromancy and a lot of dark topics. I’m quite looking forward to it to be honest.
  • On the topic of writing, I’m really enjoying the increase of my social activity with different writers, and it’s putting me on the map more. With a potential new publication very soon (watch this space!) and several short story contests I’m entering, things are definitely looking up.
  • I’ve also talked myself into entering Camp Nanowrimo which starts in April. I have a week to plan something for this, and I have no idea on where to start D: However, I’m setting myself a fairly comfortable target of 30,000 words for this one, with a more casual approach. I do have a few ideas on where to begin. I’ve been doing a lot of worldbuilding for my main world of Rengar (Where Counterbalance is written in.) So I can do more of that. I have a short story contest to enter so I can also write that, and I can also make a new start on my Unborn novella which is slowly coming together.
  • Onto gaming, I have a few new thoughts. Firstly, I’ve been playing Planet Coaster thanks to a good friend’s help. Frontier are a decent dev, though they’ve been very controversial of their handling of Elite Dangerous: beautiful game, but nothing really to do. This personally doesn’t bother me, I like stuff like that. Hell, I played the Stanley Parable for 28 hours. There’s very little stuff to do in that “game.”, but I really enjoyed it, and I enjoy Elite Dangerous.
  • Now, Planet Coaster is the successor to Roller Coaster Tycoon, indeed Frontier made RCT3 (Not a bad sequel, but nothing compares to the first two.) Now, I LOVE this series, it was fantastic. It’s a shame though that I can’t play the first two games properly on my system, like many old games they struggle to run. There are several new coaster games coming out, mainly Roller Coaster Tycoon World. That game is HORRENDOUSLY BAD. OMG, it’s just terrible. Now, it may just be a terrible beta and eventually be good, but Atari are a struggling game company these days. Planet Coaster though I’m seriously enjoying, though it’s very early Alpha. Despite the limited content, it looks fantastic, runs suprisingly well on my rig and there’s still a decent chunk of things to do.
  • Replaying Black and White in a sad nostalgia to Lionhead closing this week. It’s still a lot of fun to play despite my somewhat critical review of it.
  • Recently got a 2ds, merely a week after I sold my 3DS. Got the Pokemon Yellow, all the glitches are still present 🙂 Got my Mew and all is good.


Very short blog today, more of a quick summary of some things this week. I’ll be back soon hopefully with more stuff 🙂


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