Flash Reviews! Video Games Galore

Something new for you all. Flash Fiction is all the rage right now, so how about flash reviews? Today I’m going to list a bunch of random games I’ve played recently (When I say recently, I mean the past year…I have so many games I can list for this!) and spout of a few lines of my thoughts about the game and a very short review. Call this my 101 word reviews part 1! Here we go. Some of these games I’ll review in full another time. Now, my gaming interests are mostly RPG and Simulation, with strategy/sandbox as a backup. I very rarely play FPS’s due to the fact I get bored playing them, and Multiplayer games as a whole I don’t play often. But I still get around to playing a LOT of games, so this will come up quite often.



Mad Max: When I started playing this game I thought “Oh good, another open world sandbox thing with random crap to do.” And I was right. Big world, weird combat, grind for scrap to upgrade your car etc. Well optimized and it’s a lot of fun. Not a necessarily great game, but certainly not bad either. I enjoyed playing this one, though the combat was a bit samey for me with very little variation. Play this for the mass of content, though admittedly its mostly mediocre. A decent game with a lot to do.



Deus EX: The Original. Oh boy, this is fantastic even now! One of my favourite ever games, this Stealth/RPG masterpiece still holds up well today, although it certainly hasn’t aged well. Manipulating your own ending and your character development is fantastic, and a sign that gaming in the 90s/early mimillennium did things much better then today. The game isn’t perfect of course, and the AI at times is a bit crappy, but for the cheap price, you can’t go wrong.



Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon: Oh boy. This is on my list of Most Disappointing games. (Stay tuned for that later this week!) I applaud the devs chance to make a new expansion for this game, and the original was brilliant, although the Steam remastered version has a lot of issues with Desynch. (This was so bad I was forced to get a refund, I’ll stick with the disc version thankyou.) But this was awful. Horribly buggy, terrible campaign design with bad voice acting, and crashes galore. Bad balancing too. I have respect for the devs for giving it a shot, but this needs serious work. And from what I see, this STILL hasn’t been fixed after two-three months. Ugh.


Far Cry 3: Funny story, I got bored playing Primal so I decided to reboot this and play it again. Oh Ubisoft, you still don’t change. However, I enjoyed this a lot regardless. Uplay is a TERRIBLE launcher, and I’d recommend you try and get it elsewhere. But it’s still a pretty FPS open world shenanigans in the old sense. I always preferred FC to Assassin’s Creed (No wonder’ AC series besides Black Flag is terrible and even then BF has its issues in that it’s an AC game. Go figure.) The protagonists you play as though are whiny little rich bitches, and made me wish I could fight for the pirates. Oh my God, Vaas was an incredible character and really helped sell it for me. Shame he wasn’t in for long though.





Fallout 4: I can sum this up quickly. Is it a good game? Yes. Is it a good Fallout game? Not really. Oh, it’s still good, I enjoyed it a lot, but they dumbed this down a LOT from Fallout 3 and the fantastic New Vegas. Dialogue options are awful and isn’t really many options beside the “blow shit up” route which pales in comparison to the previous games. World is big, there’s a lot to do and it’s still very fun, so I can’t really fault it. I just prefer its predecessors, and all in all, I was disappointed a bit, at least underwhelmed. Worth playing though, for certain.



Pokemon Omega Ruby: Funny story; I actually played this for a long time and got…bored. Yeah, Pokemon does that to me sometimes. Usually the games are too easy, and Generation 6 is no question…the broken EXP share makes the game just too simple to grind now. Not a bad thing, as being forced to grind for too long is worse. I just prefer some challenge. But for a Pokemon Game, it’s still fantastic, with a buttload of things to do. It’s still addicting and the online options means you’ll not run out of things to achieve in the game. I plan on going back to this soon, once I get further on Pokemon Yellow for the 3DS…and all its glitches. *Grins*


Kerbal Space Program: My word, what a wonder. This is what all Early Access should be. Fantastic devs created this brilliant space simulation sandbox, where you make your own space program, and it’s incredible in every way. Runs beautifully, has a high learning curve but still helps you out along the way, challenging and overall just satisfying. The feeling when you actually successfully launch a spacecraft into orbit is a great thing. It even has mod support. One of my favourite ever games, and that’s a huge compliment from me. 10/10 easily. I’m actually studying and taking Tuition classes on Youtube just so play this game more.


That’s all for now, but check back in next week for more Flash Reviews! Later this week we’ll visit more Disappointing games…oh joy!









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