Disappointment in gaming: Part 2

And we’re back again, apologies on the delay in the disappointing games. Throat infection tends to mess up my writing ability, but hopefully this will be a good post.

Now, disappointing doesn’t always mean it’s a bad game. In fact, some of the games I played which I was disappointed with are actually pretty good. However, playing all of these put a sour taste in my mouth. Some I’ve already mentioned. The last entry of disappointing games were all truly terrible pieces of crap, while these are okay at worst. (Okay, I lied on one of them, but you’ll see that very soon.)  Here are a few others!


Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon (2016) 



Oh boy. This gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Now, I love Age of Mythology. It has so much charm, has a pretty decent multi-player and I’ve grabbed many hundreds of hours playing this game and all the custom mods/campaigns which come with it. It has incredible class, one of the best RTS’s I’ve played, and one of my favourite games of the 2000s. The AOE series in general are fantastic, although AOE2 was by far my favourite, and has the largest/most prestigious on-line base. I still play most of them, and while AOE3 was my least favourite of the bunch, it’s still a very good game with a lot of playability. Now, what wrong with this new expansion? Quite a lot.

Now, I applaud the devs chance to make a new expansion for this game, and the original was brilliant, although the Steam remastered version has a lot of issues with Desynch. (This was so bad I was forced to get a refund, I’ll stick with the disc version thankyou. At least it’s not plagued by Desynch and DRM crap.) But this was awful. Absolutely awful. Horribly buggy, terrible campaign design with bad voice acting, and crashes galore. Bad balancing too. I have respect for the devs for giving it a shot, but this needs serious work. It just looks amateur, and the voice acting/overall programming in the campaign feels unpolished and overall very poor quality. And from what I see, this STILL hasn’t been fixed after two-three months. Ugh.

Archeage (2014 – Western edition.)

Now, first of all, I don’t like many MMOs or multiplayer games as a basic consensus. But when I first saw trailers/gameplay for this game, I decided to give it a shot. I even paid money for the Arceum special edition version so I could play early on and get a full load of other stuff. Yeah, this was the days I preordered stuff and put money into effectively Early Access/Beta stuff without knowing much about the developers. Never doing that again. It’s a traditional “sandbox MMORPG” with quests, farming and crafting the like, with no loading screens. But oh my god, the problems. Terrible F2P elements which forced you to buy in (Tying in with the biggest problem of this game, it is horribly Pay to Win.) It was also a pretty rough launch with queues of over three hours long just to log into the servers in some cases, and crashes were frequent. Like most MMOs, it’s also plagued by farm bots, and I finally stopped playing the game after 6 months. It was just too much of a grind.


However, that didn’t automatically make it a bad game, persay. It suffers from the same Asian to Western problems which it seems all Asian-based MMORPGs suffer from when its ported to the West, mainly being terrible P2W elements, but I still had a lot of fun in the game. I still have a lot of credits on my account, so I may reinstall it and play it again down the line. However, I won’t be paying for Early Access on any MMO again from this.


Fallout 4 (2015)



Bethesda. Bethesda never changes. Wow this hype when it got announced, and for good reason, I was stoked. I loved Fallout up until its point, and despite Bethesda’s weaknesses in large worlds (but not very immersive and buggy) they are always a lot of fun.

And when it came out I was a little…underwhelmed? It lacked a lot of the amazing RPG elements from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, to be sure, and the dialogue options were GOD AWFUL. Bethesda, you screwed up on this. Badly. Don’t do this for TES6, please. Not to mention as usual, the host of glitches and bugs. Seriously guys, test your games before you sell them!

Even so, I can’t fault them too much on this, as the Fallout series under Bethesda is usually meant to be an open world TPS with RPG elements. I just wish they added more RPG elements to this, of which there were virtually none. I like a bit of role-playing in my games. Still, I had a lot of fun, and there’s so much to do. The good outweighs the bad in this game for sure. Now that the creative kit is due, I can’t wait to see the mod support. The DLC released is already quite impressive, and I look forward to the others.


Not very negative this time (Besides Tale of the Dragon, but that was genuinely awful.) Be back soon with Random thoughts of the week!









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