Random Thoughts of the Week

Been a while since I’ve done this, so this is more random stuff which has happened over the past two weeks. It’s pretty short though, but will be back in a few days with Flash Game reviews! This is a more casual approach of doing it.


  • Finally got my anthology submission in, hopefully it gets accepted. Also got rejected for another anthology, which was a shame as I thought I did a good job in my submission. It’s unfortunate but one all writers must accept at some point. It’ll take a long time for something good to happen but still writers, keep on writing and submitting, you’ll never know what happens! For my first publication, I submitted my story fully expecting nothing to come from it yet I got accepted. Sure it was pretty minor, but it felt great. You guys can do it!
  • Mapmaking for writers has been slow lately but again it’s one you can’t rush. Hopefully getting more publicity through this great publishing house. I’ll link them through here, they’re great people! http://www.wolfravenpublishing.com/artists.html
  • Editing has been a lot slower, I’ve been getting a bit of writers freeze in editing it. More slight worries that what I’ve written isn’t good enough. Soon I’ll be submitting it to my editor where I know it’ll be a slaughter, but strangely I’m looking forward to that.
  • Nanowrimo April has begun, which I stupidly decided to take part in, with no plan. FYI, I recommend this is something you don’t do! I’m still going to give it a try, but picked up a heavy cold this week so my word-count is far below par. That and I have a short story to finish for a contest by the end of the month. However I have a couple of ideas I can do.
  • Now tennis, and I have to admit I’m getting a little…burnt out with it this year? Oh it’s still great to watch, but the men’s game has deteriorated to “Oh, Djokovic beats everybody and nobody is good enough to beat him.” Both masters finals of Indian Wells and Miami were a joke, with Djokovic just battering Raonic and Nishikori respectively without being challenged. It’s the unfortunate reality with the game. Some decent up-coming players, but nobody good enough currently to beat Djokovic, and the quality of the game has waned a bit. I won’t be surprised if he gets the Grand Slam this year, though to be honest, anything can happen. (Just look at Stan in the French Open last year.)


  • Moving onto gaming, this is more writing related. Skyrim has a huge modbase even now, and recently I watched a live-stream of a brilliant WIP mod called Holds, and they were looking for writers to work on characters/NPCs, quests and the like. I submitted a profile and a quick quest example, and I’m now part of the team! This is a link to the mod on Nexus http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74638/?, check it out if you like Skyrim!
  • Onto Skyrim still, I’m considering replaying it sooner then planned. I’ve had a good break from it (Mostly due to I got sick of it crashing all the time, but I know what caused the crashes now.) I look forward to trying all the new mods, especially Holds and immersion stuff.
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon World came out on Early Access. My god, that games been in development hell and it’s shown. The beta was crap and the EA version is just as bad. However, it could still potentially be good in the end, but I wonder how damaging it’ll be with two very strong competitors in the wings, Planet Coaster and Parkitect. Haven’t played Parkitect, but I have the alpha of Planet Coaster and I love it. Frontier though did screw up Elite Dangerous so I’m a little wary, but currently they can’t do worse then RCTW.
  • I played the Witness. Beautiful looking game, puzzles are okay but kinda repetitive. A real let down, to be honest.
  • Fallout 4 Creation Kit is scedluled to come out this month, I wonder what stuff will be created. I hope it saves the vanilla because as I said in my previous articles (Check out my previous blog! https://thousandscarsblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/disappointment-in-gaming-part-2/) It’s a good game but disappointing in the lack of RPG elements.
  • I’m loving Kerbal Space Program. It’s hit my Top 20 list of all time favourite games.
  • Warhammer total war is looking very pretty, but it’s gameplay which worries me, not eye-candy. And as long as CA continues its disgusting DLC model, they won’t be getting a penny off me. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing how the game performs. It’s hard to find a truly great Warhammer game I’ve found, the universe is incredible.

That’s all for now, join me soon for more articles!


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