Depression doesn’t have to be fatal (TRIGGER: discussing suicide)

Fantastic post, highlights the importance of mental health, and that nobody should ever feel alone. ❤ When I saw this, I felt I had to share it to spread the word more. It’s a brilliant and thought-provoking article. With someone whose dealt with serious depression in the past, it struck a real chord with me.

Amberwoods Station

maxresdefaultNovember 26, 2013 – two days before Thanksgiving. I was in the deepest depression I’d had in a long time. I’d had enough. I was living in a toxic environment, with only my husband to support me. I was out of work and on permanent disability because my bipolar and anxiety had gotten so bad that I couldn’t handle working outside the house anymore. My meds were all screwed up again and I was cycling from depression to hypomania and back again with little help from anyone. My counselor had left the practice and I wasn’t seeing anyone else. My med doctor was so backed up I couldn’t get in to see him.

So I did the worst possible thing I could do: I tried to kill myself. I downed half a bottle of Klonopin, a drug prescribed to help with my anxiety. I was ready for it to be…

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