Author Interview – M.J.Kobernus

A brilliant interview with my good friend writer and publisher Mike.Kobernus. Huge talent.

My Writer's Journey


MJ Kobernus is a writer, editor and founder of Nordland Publishing. He lives in a small village an hour outside of Oslo, Norway. With a distinct leaning towards Metaphysical Fantasy, he has authored several novels in the Guardian series, where a hapless historian inherits a . . . well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out. He has also a good many short stories published, which you can find in various anthologies and magazines.

MJ drives a vintage motorcycle, plays a vintage guitar and has a love of 70s rock music. He is also the self proclaimed inventor of the micro genre of “Flash Philosophy” and is the founder of Nordland Publishing, where he is the Editor in Chief and tea-boy.

MJ is also an avid gamer, so you might find him online as part of the SC2 community, where he delights in teaching people half his…

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