A Roundup….Delayed Return!


It’s been a very long time since my last blog, apologies for it. A lot has happened since, but thankfully most of it has been good. This will just be a random collection of things and thoughts for the past month. Here we go!

  • First of all, writing! I have a lot of positive things to say on this front. First of all, I’m getting published again in another anthology! It’s called Betrayals of Another Kind, and the preorder link is below! https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FBetrayals-Another-Kind-Fantasy-Anthology-ebook%2Fdp%2FB01FR14YIK%3Fie%3DUTF8%26ref_%3Dpe_2427780_160035660&h=kAQHaxkl7 Check it out, it’s a host of great stories from good friends of mine, and my story “The Cost of Kingship” will debut in it.
  • I’m writing for a couple more anthologies, hopefully will receive acceptance for them too. While I work on my main fantasy series, this will further my field and hopefully gather more fans. All the stories I’m writing are set in the same fantasy world. Some are in different timelines, so maybe I can expand on it? I’ve been working on a new world/landmass, and thinking of making it the far future version where my series takes place, especially as a new “Dark Age” is happening.
  • I submitted one of my short stories to my friend Julie for her e-magazine on fantasy. Looks fun and it actually gives me another story series to write, so more to do. My fantasy series has kinda…stalled. I’m happy with Book 1 and close to start working with my editor: Michael Kobernus, awesome guy and great writer, check him out! I reblogged his interview in my past “post”, go check it out. But book 2/3….how many I write, I’ve kind of screeched to a halt. That isn’t a worry though. I’m going to see how editing goes, for it’ll probably change things in the book anyway.
  • I started work on a science fiction novella for a contest; 12,000 words so far, but I’m thinking it’s maybe…not science fiction? XD I’ll continue it anyway and see where I get with it. I’m enjoying writing it so far, but probably won’t be suitable for the contest. I’ll give it a shot though.

That’s the main thing regarding my life lately. Health hasn’t improved, though I started a course of probiotics to hopefully curb some of my stomach problems, and so far It hasn’t been affecting me as much. I’ll keep taking them though. Now, some roundup things as I do!

  • Tennis next. I’ve enjoyed it again; before the clay-court season I was a bit burnt out in watching it, but some resurgence of players and good matches have brought that back in time for the French Open. I was going to do a full article about it, but I think this one is better.

Picks to win the French Open

  • First has to be Djokovic based on overall form, but his performance at the Rome Masters was patchy. Long battles against Nadal and Nishikori, and a slump in the final against Murray. He’s been temperamental and at times unreasonable, close to being defaulted on the SF. He’s still my top pick to win, but this French Open is pretty difficult to call, particularly with Nadal’s resurgence.
  • Nadal himself. He’s had an awful time of it, from late 2014 up until the clay-court season this year, but a good showing in the Masters has redeemed himself in many’s eyes. He still struggles to serve though, and matches seem to be harder then they were in early 2014. I see him easily making the SF of Roland Garros, but if he plays Djokovic…that 7-match losing streak is going to hurt him.
  • Murray. Never thought I’d see this! But since the beginning of 2015’s season, Murray has racked up a 29-3 record on clay, an impressive performance. He’s serving better, and has a good chance going into the French. But he’s going to likely go through Nadal and Djokovic to win his first title, and that still remains to be seen if he can do it in a best of 5 format.
  • Federer and Warwinka I fear will both go out early. Federer has been struggling with a back injury since the Australian Open, and only has played 6 matches since. He may not even play this year in Roland Garros. Stan has played very poorly this year so far, typical of his inconsistant nature. But that’s what makes him so dangerous. He didn’t have much of a clay-court season going into the French last year, and ended up winning the whole thing. Always a danger.

That’s all from me for now, just a brief overview. Hopefully will be back soon!

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