Flash Game Reviews

I’ve been playing a lot of games lately. More then I probably should be. (Looks to my huge pile of books to read and review, while my WIP novel Counterbalance screams “Finish me!” on my laptop….) Yeah, it swallows us all. You know the drill. This is something I’m enjoying doing, a short review of the games I’ve been playing lately. This won’t be detailed in any way, though at some point I’ll probably make longer reviews of every game I mention in here. Some will be positive, some will be mixed, it’s how it goes. This one won’t have any images I’m afraid, you’ll have to go to Google. xD


Black and White 2 

I loved Black and White; it was the first major review I did on my blog. Despite its flaws (of which there are many), it was extremely fun and I did overall enjoy the game. The sequel…is mixed, I have to say. The game looks gorgeous, even on modern systems (2016, it looks better then most new games, and that’s a testament to how nice it looks.) It plays pretty well, and there isn’t many bugs. The game was extended more then the first, but its creature training was disappointing. The Miracles were vastly reduced in scope, with only 6 rather then the 20+ in the original. Imagination was dumbed down a lot in this sequel, and even worse you can’t kill your own civilians with miracles! Horrible for a mad, evil god. Still a decent game, but disappointing.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Finally I managed to complete this game. It will deserve a full review at some stage (And will happen at some point, mark my words!) Now, I’ll say this right now. The story is utter crap, and plays like a fantasy fan-fiction. It’s mad, and completely off many people’s view of what a MGS game should be. Because of the rift and chaos between Hideo Kojima and Konami, the game is clearly unfinished, a fact many fans blast. But the game-play is incredible, and extremely enjoyable. Stealth-sandbox to do whatever the hell you like, the base building I really enjoyed and the Fulton system is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in a video game. Some will say the side quests are repetitive, and they are in their objectives. But because you can approach any mission how you want, there’s a lot of depth I found. Impressive game overall, despite its inner problems (which are catastrophic, and do damper this game considerably.)

Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

How would I best describe this game? Single Player MMO. It has that feel for certain. The game is MASSIVE for certain, with a lot of content. I’ve played this game for around 40-50 hours so far, and only scratched the surface. Huge amount to do, but suffers from “open world syndrome.” Many of the quests are cheap, MMO like fetch quests to me. Bioware did a lot of things right in this game, but many things were also wrong. It’s a good RPG no questions asked, but again, it’s an RPG, and summed up by the problems in such games in a nutshell. Large in scope, a good cast, the combat I enjoyed more then I thought I would, and a funny script which had me laughing throughout.

I’ll be playing this game for a long time, but I wonder if there’s such a thing as “too big a game.” Lots of good things to do, but how much of that is fetch quests I wonder? It has some technical issues,but overall runs very well, even on my middling game rig (GTX 660M, i5 processor and 8gb ram.) Fantasy Mass Effect (obviously, its ran by the same people) and overall it’s good. Play it, try it out. You may be bogged down though.


Bit smaller review then last time; the other games I’ve played lately I just haven’t played enough to get an overall view of them, or they’re in pre-alpha. (Hello, Planet Coaster.) I’ll be back soon 🙂







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