A Conglomeration of Words: May 2016

It’s been a very fast five months so far in 2016 hasn’t it? Time goes by so quickly. Feels like only yesterday when I started blogging. This blog isn’t too old, and while I haven’t’ been very active on it lately, so far I’m quite pleased with it all. This will be a random discussion of things that’s happened to me in the past week or so, with plans for future articles, games I’ve been playing, writing updates and the like. No real focus, just a mush-mash of things. This is more to keep my blogging juices flowing.

Writing first. It’s been a relatively successful couple of weeks for me, although it’s been mixed. First of all, I got published in a fantasy anthology, and been working on many different mini-projects. The bad news is that while this has been good, my main novel has stalled. While Book 1 of Counterbalance is in editing statis, the others have still stopped completely. Maybe when working with my editor, we’ll find ways to move on. No hurry though. Second of all, my science fiction project has stopped. Not sure if I’m going to be able to get that completed in time for the contest, but I’ll still give it a try. May scale back on it though. I was overall very pleased with what I wrote, but I can probably use that for something else. Onto other projects, I’m working on three new anthology pieces, hopefully all will be successful. Time will tell.

Future blogs. My most important one is going to be a long series on Game of Thrones, its relation to the books and my personal problems (and compliments about it.) Bottom line is, if you’ve read the books, treat Game of Thrones as a completely different adaptation, or you’re going to hate it. It’s unfortunate to say, but it’s the truth. I’m preparing a large amount of content for this, so stay tuned for updates. Main reason I’m doing this is because while the HBO adaptation is certainly good, it is a poor version of the book (although the book has some serious glaring issues as well). Season 6 so far has been much better then the crapfest that was the dreaded 5th season, but still has a lot of problems.

I have other projects in the works, including several more short stories, which I plan on releasing in an anthology about my created world at some point, either this year or 2017. Lot ahead! I’m really pleased I decided to switch to short stories, and get some more publications under my belt. I have one semi-guaranteed already, and two I’m working on. I’m sure I’ll find some others to join too. It’s all worldbuilding for me in the end. Can’t wait to continue my path.


The French Open this year has been a slew of shocks on the men’s side. Nadal’s injury pull-out in the 3rd round was extremely unfortunate, because he was playing very well this year, and had a huge chance to reach the Semi-finals for the showdown against Novak Djokovic. Real shame and I hope he returns back to form soon; the sport is much better when he is on full strength. His quarter has really opened up, as M. Granollers benefits from the withdrawal, and plays against Dominic Thiem for the chance to reach the Quarter Finals. Both have played well to get this far, and it’s really 50-50. Here is the quick overview of the rest of the draw:

  1. Murray got through a difficult draw after some early shocks, but got through the giant servers of Karlovic and Isner very comfortably, and now looks like the dominant player who won Rome without dropping a set. In his QF he plays against Gasquet, who’s looked to be in considerable form, and will always be extremely dangerous. A tough matchup for Murray, but I think he’ll get through in four sets.
  2. Stan the Man got through too, and is looking stronger and stronger. Easily the most dangerous and unpredictable player of the draw, nobody knows what form he’ll be in. Same thing happened last year and he ended up dominating the whole French Open. He could easily do it again. He plays Ramos, who has destroyed his quarter and stunned Raonic in the 4th round in straight sets. Ramos could easily be dangerous for Stan, but I think he’ll still win. Depends on how hes feeling on the day.

The rest of the 4th round matches play today, and I’ll make an overall review of the tournament on Saturday in my next update.


Video Gaming

Finally, we have games. Ah, good old games, they keep everybody sane. A lot of good stuff has come out this past week, and here’s an overview of stuff I’ve been playing and keeping an eye on.

  • The big one for me was Total War: Warhammer. This had a lot of people watching carefully. CA has a pretty terrible DLC model (Blood DLC for Rome 2 Total war mean much?) and has had major problems lately in releasing buggy and unoptimized pieces of shit, Rome 2 and Attila. Medieval 2 still remains the best Total War game of all time, very closely followed by Rome 1, expect singular reviews on them some point! All on my schedule…I think. Anyway, the game was watched very cautiously by me and many others. Now, despite some early day 1 problems, it actually runs very well, which is a huge plus. It’s certainly fun and has good quality overall, and while the number of Factions are low (at least early on. CA I’m sure will be releasing expansion packs for more factions down the line. Just please don’t overcharge for them.), they have different play-styles, and it fits the Total War engine well. However, a lot of stuff has been dumbed down in terms of building (this can be given in a positive or negative light.) Total War should be just that; total war. So this can be taken in a good way, I guess. Is the game good? Overall, I say yes. But just be cautious, as a CA game, it’ll receive DLC to the bone. The good Mod support though is a huge boon for it. Overall, fairly good, and better then the previous two titles.
  • The final Witcher 3 DLC comes out tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to it. This is HOW you make DLC. 16 free, and two paid DLC expansions each one adding 20-30 hours of new content. Blood and Wine is going to be a great success I’m sure.
  • Planet Coaster’s latest Alpha came out last week, with a lot of new changes and terrain tools. I love this new coaster builder, it’s how the new Rollercoaster Tycoon game should look. I have high expectations for these guys.
  • I have to mention Overwatch. Hugely anticipated across the board, it’s been a considerable success. Now, I’ll have no interest in multiplayer games in general, but it’s something I want to look into down the line.


That’s all for now. At some point I’ll be back with Part 3 of the most disappointing games I’ve played!


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