A whole new Roundup…..Updates Galore! July 2016.

Yeah…I know it’s been a while since my last piece. Things have been pretty hectic lately. Now, I hate summer weather. Not because it’s too hot, but the humidity, it’s a pain trying to sleep with no air conditioning. The entire place feels like a greenhouse. Seriously, it’s fine when it’s too cold. You can wrap up warm, have hot drinks, put on layers. When it’s hot…what can you do? Remove layers of your fucking skin? It’s just not possible. Unless you’re one of those weird sadists. In which case go nuts. I personally won’t. Unless I get paid enough.

Things have been weird lately. My health’s been in one of those weird tangents where it hasn’t got worse, something which has been a first since I got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it’s not really getting better. It gets in the way of life often, but I do count my blessings. Now, this blog is something I set up on a whim to discuss the things which matter to me. That is mainly my writing, my friends, my girlfriend, food and gaming. And of course family. (Puts it in so I don’t get told off…..*shifty eyes*)

This is more an update rather then anything else. I regret I haven’t been able to do much if anything of my schedule I originally planned for this blog in the past months, so instead you’ll have to deal with my weird ramblings. I’m glad that isn’t a problem. And if it is, well, that’s your problem, not mine 😉 Until I come up with a new blog plan, these random arsed updates about my weird, crazy mind is all I can do for now.


  • First of all, have to start off with Counterbalance. This fantasy series I have been working on since 2012, although creating the world itself has actually been in production for a lot longer, changing all the time. I’ve had a lot of fun building the world as well as the story, but it has been frustrating at the same time. So many things have changed it’s been a miracle I’ve managed to keep it together. However, Book 1 is in good editing stage, and so far it’s looking very positive. I need to work on Book 2 (A consequence of splitting one book into three has meant much of my old work is now useless, so I need to sit down and re plan it all virtually from scratch.)


  • On the topic of writing, I’m really enjoying the increase of my social activity with different writers, and it’s putting me on the map more. With a potential new publication very soon (watch this space!) and several short story contests I’m entering, things are definitely looking up. So far this year I have had four things published; two anthologies, a short story slot in a cool fantasy e-magazine and a horror short in a very disturbing Taboo magazine. This is more then I ever could imagine, and it’s only made me feel better about my path. It’s the start of what I hope is a very exciting life for me.
  • I’ve also submitted to a publisher plans for a semi-erotic horror novel I’ve been working on. It’s been very casual so far, just something I’ve had in mind for a while. If it’s accepted, awesome. If not, I don’t mind, just something I wanted to give a shot.
  • Worldbuilding my ever-expanding land of Rengar is getting harder and harder, but still enjoyable. I have three huge continents to explore, and potentially a fourth, should I decide to make that part of it. I may just make that one an entirely new world though, which may be an idea.
  • Alongside the above, I have plenty of short story and novella ideas to work with. It may be overwhelming at times, but I think it’s good to keep these kind of things going. It’s just going to be time and energy for me, both of which I lack.




  • Ah tennis. Wimbledon was a good tournament, and Murray played brilliantly to win his third Grand Slam Title. He was rarely troubled except against Tsonga (As I predicted.) I found it a shame he didn’t play Federer in the final, but some critical errors on Federer’s side and brilliant play by Milos Raonic cost him. Credit to the Canadian, he had a great tournament, and made the final at least memorable. The guy can play and it’s only a matter of time before he makes another final.
  • I was really impressed by Kyle Edmund in the Davis Cup last weekend. Against two very skilled players, he hardly put a foot wrong. Even better, Britain won a match without Andy Murray, something which is important. Look out for him in the future.


  • Onto the good stuff, gaming! I’ve been playing a few games lately, and been looking forward to others.
  • The Technomancer is an ambitious project by a A-gaming company, released earlier this month, and has a lot of flak for its high price tag and questionable gameplay. It’s a pretty big RPG/Combat, I feel it’s a very-low tech future Witcher 3. It had it’s massive faults, but it’s really not too bad a game. I easily got 20-30 hours of content in it. It’s probably not worth the £35 price tag it has, but for a non AAA title, it’s not awful. Probably worth getting when it goes on sale.
  • Kenshi is an EA title, one which I nabbed three years ago for a measly three quid. Very ambitious squad-based RPG, it’s gone through huge changes, all for the better. It looks great and finally plays it. I’ve personally had huge problems getting it to run due to bad optimization, but I was finally able to play some of it after its massive new updates. I’m impressed by it, to be honest. Hopefully the dev’s keep impressing and making this game what it deserves, for I enjoy it.
  • No Man’s Sky though is the big one, and will be out in two weeks. It’s getting a huge amount of interest and controversy, mainly from idiots who will blast it because it’s either Indie, it’s 99% Single-Player, or has “no win condition.” Fair enough, like what you like, but I personally don’t mind games like this. All the same, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Will it? It might. It has an awful lot of hype. I hope they don’t delay it again, but at the same time I’m not one of the SJW morons who will send death threats because I’m not getting my game. FFS guys, calm down. I’ll probably wait a while before buying it, but it looks positive. It’s my kind of game.


Not too big a post, but something to say I’m not dead. Hopefully will be back soon.


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