A Cunning Plan!

This is just going to be a very short post, just to discuss my plans for this blog. I’ve had a pretty successful week in terms of writing and views on this blog: it seems people really enjoy my Robot Wars articles. So, if you guys want more robotic-related content, you will have it!

There will also be a brand new schedule. I feel this blog needs some structure to it; like my writing this year, I am taking this a lot more seriously. Starting in a couple of weeks, I intend on putting out new stuff at least every two days, but will aim for daily articles if possible, and if energy permits.

Monday: Guest speaker, or author interviews. With my growing focus on getting my name out there amongst the Indie world, I’m extremely interested in interviewing authors from all genres. If anybody would like a spot on here, either comment down below, or message me via Twitter or Facebook. The choice is yours!”

Tuesday: Random Thoughts of the Week. This is when I’ll just make a personal catch-up on topics during the week which have interested me, or I make updates about my life.

Wednesday: Robot Wars! Because they were so popular, I will keep this going as long as people like it, in conjunction with the UK reboot of the TV show. Expect a lot of content on this in the coming months.

Thursday-Friday: Pot Luck. Anything will happen on these two days, be it my own personal articles about video games, writing or promoting author’s work. Again, if anyone would like to contribute their thoughts, I would love to hear it.

Saturday: Rengar short showcase. This is something new. I’ve decided that as part of my world-building, I will post shorts set around my fantasy world. This won’t only motivate me to get my ass into gear and do some writing, but these will be a fun little thing to do. It might be a character profile, an interview with a character from my world, some lore or a short story. It all depends what I feel like showing.

Sunday: Writing prompt contest. I have a slew of eBooks to give away. To promote this, every Sunday I will give you guys a writing prompt, and you will have until the next Saturday to post it up in the comments. I will read each of them, and the winner will receive a randomly chosen eBook from my rather substantial collection. I will only have one rule; this contest will only be judged if I get at least two entries per contest. If I only get one, they will obviously win, but the prize will be forfeited.

Of course, this is all subject to change, depending on popularity. But it’s nice to sometimes get a structure in base?

I will be back soon. Take care everybody, and stay safe ❤



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