Back on the Road: August updates and Contest!

Ugh. That picture summed up my week in a nutshell, as well as my mood. All my careful planning of my projects, including the ones on my blog, have went up in smoke this week, which I can only apologise for. I can sum it up in a few bullet points to make it easier:


  • Fatigue and Nausea has flared up horribly lately, cutting into my motivation to get stuff done. Often I’ve sat down ready to write or plan, but brain fog sets in, I feel sick and I end up doing nothing, and become more stressed and anxious then I was before I began. It’s a constant struggle, and I sympathise with anyone who struggles with similar problems.
  • I’ve had a couple of money problems this week too. Firstly I lost £50 when I was out in town on Wednesday. In all, not a huge problem but still frustrating. Note to self, never get out your wallet when you’re brain-fogged. I can give my readers an inkling of what it feels like; you’re wading through an endless forest of thick white glue which clogs up all your senses, unable to think. I must have dropped it when buying food and didn’t buy any attention until it was too late. The second (and more serious issue) was an attempted scam on my bank account. Fortunately it was resolved very quickly and it was ultimately untouched, but this did nothing to help my stress, culminating in a massive anxiety attack which then triggered my IBS. Not a fun few days to be honest.



As a result, my plans have been thrown out of whack completely. As somebody who likes a system in place, I get very annoyed when stuff doesn’t go to plan. So instead of the four-five articles I originally have planned this past week, this is only the second. Ugh. Never mind, we start again! Here is a pretty long summary of stuff lately, including the very first of my writing contests! Yes, I haven’t forgotten that one (scurries off into a corner). In fact i’ll do that first!


This is for a bit of fun. I want to see what you guys can do. Every week, I will post a picture, and give you guys a task. You’ll have until roughly the next contest starts (Generally a week, I’ll update with deadlines as they come.) Nothing too big, but there will be prizes should there is more then one entry (Kind of promotes you guys to at least enter!)

  1. Once it is posted, you’ll have a week to write and submit. You can submit in one of three ways. Either a comment in the blog section, On the Facebook comments, or message me it! As long as I get it.
  2. I will mark them, and you’ll get some form of feedback (Not guaranteed, it’ll depend on my schedule, but I’ll try my hardest to get back to you.)
  3. The prize will be a randomly chosen MOBI from my substantial Ebook collection! I have hundreds now, so I may as well use them to give away to people.

All good? Cool. Here is the beginning picture. Using this picture as inspiration, in 1,500 words or less, describe the battle being fought here. Who is fighting? What is the outcome? Show rather then tell, and give some emotional background to the destruction.




You will have until roughly midnight Sunday, GMT. Don’t feel too much pressure, just write and submit! It’s all part of the fun.

Now, we go onto the updates. 

  • First of all, my original plans for this week. I have so much writing plans on it’s possibly overwhelming, but I like to keep myself busy during the constant fatigue and feelings of hopelessness at times. Writing keeps me focused and frankly, is keeping me alive. My list of projects will be in the next section.
  • Interviews are still coming strong. Once I’ve posted the first few I’ve had back, I’ll set up a seperate page for all those interested on Facebook as an open call! Here is the links to my first two. Author Interview with Angie Grigaliunas  Author Interview: Alexander Delaney
  • Really enjoying the social side of writing, it’s one of the few I actually like. I have bad social anxiety coupled with a general dislike of humanity. Besides my family and my incredible girlfriend Vicky, there isn’t many people in person I like enough to enjoy company with, so it’s a great thing.
  • Time Commanders is back! Or coming back. I submitted my application for the game show, because I’d love to take part.
  • I’m finally doing something on the Holds of Skyrim development! A great mod, I admit I’ve been very lacking in helping lately, but I’ve started work on writing some quests based on Skyrim lore.
  • I also been buying and reading a lot of books. I’ll be doing some book reviews on here if they get enough interest 🙂
  • I’ve been watching the Olympics a little, mainly the tennis. Del Potro has had an amazing week, and deserves the Gold medal, should he beat Murray in today’s final.

My Tome of Plans

1) Start work properly on Book II of Counterbalance. I had an excellent session of plotting with my writing group, and I’m confident enough at least with the first two-thirds of my scenes. The latter third still needs to be planned properly but at least I can start. It’s strange how it goes. Before last August, my long-time magnum opus proved to be a disastrous mess, and talks with my writing friends convinced me to split the book from one into three. Worked out fine but also meant I had to scrap a LOT of work, about 60-70k. However, I still have the old stuff I wrote (never delete your writing!). I plan to at least salvage some parts from those chapters into the new Book II. Today I did manage to blast through the easiest of the chapters, CH2. One down, 15 to go! 

2) Get more blog articles out. I currently have three planned, another author interview, a roundup of the past week and Robot Wars part 3. My blog recently hit 1,000 views which feels good for such a minor thing of me spouting my mad crap. The Robot Wars article was meant to be out last Wednesday, but I’ll be staying in that day this time so I’ll try and catch up on it. Here was my latest one, to get you prepared for what comes next

Robot Wars Legacy: Controversial Battles! The Series.

3) Edit and work on short stories for anthologies, as well as hunt for more. If anybody knows any cool Indie anthologies which take submissions, let me know!

4) Plan out a secondary novel! Yeah, this kinda happened over the past week. Set in the same world of Rengar, but several centuries after Counterbalance, and in the original country of Uldur. I’ll probably redo some of the maps to go with this.

5) Continue editing Book 1 of Counterbalance!


Finally, the big one. I’ve been playing a lot of stuff lately.

  • Firstly, No Man’s Sky. Or as I call it, The Game Idiots Overhyped and Now Bitch About Sky. This game has highlighted why I hate gamer’s, as most as self-entitled morons who hyped a game into oblivion, made it seem like something it was never to be, and now bitch about it everywhere. Now, the launch was pretty rough, I struggled a LOT to get it to work properly. But me? I rather like it. It’s not a game for everyone; it’s a niche exploration game. Is it an amazing game? ….not really. But it is a good game, and if you want to explore the massive (and rather impressive) universe, it’s pretty darn good. Beginning is a big grind, and can get dull sometimes. But the amount of people hating on it just because of what it is? That pisses me off. No wonder so many people hate video gamers. It was always going to get heavy criticism no matter what. The game devs Hello Games admittedly haven’t been perfect. But, if they support it like they should, I think it will improve an awful lot. I’m enjoying it, and that’s what counts. So far, I’d give it a 7-7.5/10. Not an amazing game, but certainly not bad either. I do think it’s too expensive for what it is so far after 5-6 hours of play, but that might change.
  • SKYRIM ENDERAL! The English version finally launched yesterday, and I cannot wait. As soon as I play it for a couple of hours, I’ll let you guys know my thoughts. It looks brilliant.
  • Speaking of Skyrim, I’ve been hammering out a new playthrough, playing as a Relic Hunter. 20 hours in, pretty stable, having a lot of fun. Legacy of the Dragonborn is an incredible mod, one of the best ever.
  • Been playing more of Stardew Valley. I must say, it’s rapidly becoming my favourite game of 2016.
  • Planet Coaster launches of Steam very soon, might have to buy it. Will keep a close eye on it.

That is all for now. Stay tuned, because Tuesday will begin my next Author interview! Rate, share, comment and like as you please. The more views, the more content 🙂

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