The year flies by: August 2016 Updates

Haven’t made one of these in a good while, most of my blogs have been author interviews lately! Thought it would be nice to go back to basics for a bit. I’ve had so much planned for the blog, and lately it just hasn’t been happening on a level which I would like. Apologies for that. I’ll keep to the current plans and see what I can do with it, most of it I’m happy to just keep going as long as people want it. If any author would like an interview, contact me and I’ll be happy to send the document.

This will just be a small round-up of many different things that have happened the past few weeks. Nothing too heavy mainly because I can’t be arsed with such stuff, but I haven’t made a personal round-up blog in a good while, at least a few weeks. So expect to listen to me prattle on for the next half hour! Muhahahahaha….. anyway. Onto random bullet points.

  • Recently had problems hearing in my ears. It’s not exactly painful, but incredibly uncomfortable at times, and has cut in already on my already piss-poor sleep. Fortunately, it’s just earwax, so ear drops and a syringing next Thursday will hopefully take care of the problem.
  • Fatigue and anxiety…hasn’t really changed much. Hasn’t exactly gotten worse, but hasn’t gotten better. A big problem with mental health is that people/healthcare generally do very little to deal with it. Which is a shame. I seem to do better lately virtually medicating myself these days, as doctors/therapists have been rather unhelpful, with a couple even suggesting I “exaggerate” or words to a similar effect. I am blessed to have an amazing support group with my girlfriend, family and friends, and it means the world to me.
  • I’ve made a good start on Book II of my Counterbalance Trilogy, dubbed the Aegis Mora. The good news on that book is I have the chapters pretty well outlined, so it’s just a case of getting the words down. Easier said then done, but I am confident I can complete at least the first draft by the end of 2016.
  • I have many short stories and novellas actually in the works set in my mad world of Rengar, and world-building is a lifetime exploration. Frankly loving this part of the creation process. Nothing I love more then world-building.


Book Cover Reveal: Sunday 28th August.

Sunday August 28
UK time: 2pm through midnight
Eastern Time: 9am through 7pm
Pacific Time: 6am through 4pm

This is a book cover and blurb reveal event for High Tide and Low Tide, a book exploring bipolar and mental health. With mental health more important then ever in this day and age, these guys are amazing people. Even better, the co-author is my father 🙂 (I didn’t write this I may add, it is a coalition between my father and his best friend Fran). They have an amazing publisher backing them, Nordland Publishing who I know pretty well, and are great to be with.

There are games and author slots throughout the day, including myself. I’d be honoured if you guys check it out. Here is the Facebook link to it: High Tide, Low Tide Book Cover Reveal Party

  • My writing contest is still available, I have plenty of interest for it, just people lacking the time. That’s perfectly alright, so I have extended the date to September 4th, which is on a Sunday. If it still doesn’t get any entries, I’ll just change the writing prompt and start again, no biggie! See the below link for details.

Back on the Road: August updates and Contest!




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