A return to blogging! Catchup. More Author Interviews to follow!

Time for a return to blogging. One week since the last article on my review on the Skyrim mod Enderal. It’s been a long week for me, both good and bad. It’s how it goes usually. Late September….the year of 2016 has just flown by so far!

It’s been a mixed bag in terms of weeks for certain. I’ll talk about my writing first. While I’ve made good progress on some parts of my writing, I’ve also reached an impasse on my novel Counterbalance, or rather part 2. Most of the editing on Book 1 The Thousand Scars has been complete, but while I’m at nearly 54k on Book Two, things just feel a lot worse. I’m getting the words down but when I finished Chapter 9 I felt very disappointed with it. Just feels like my writing quality has deteriorated somewhat the longer I’ve spent working on the second book. If anything it’s more important than Book 1, with a lot of vital events which need to go absolutely right. So far, that’s just not happening lately. I may take a break from writing Book 2 just to recharge. It might be world-building which is causing it to struggle, because right now there are gaping holes in the world I haven’t formed yet.

I have a couple of short stories submitted to different anthologies too. Had a big scare earlier this week when one of my submissions was completely rejected, on the grounds that it was too boring and violent for the requirements. While I understood the sentiment, it was rather hurtful to be told that. Still, it’s writing, and we need a thick skin! I spent two days writing a new 7k story for that anthology which is now submitted. Time will tell if this one gets accepted. The other rejected story I still think is good, so I reckon I’ll keep it for my own anthology.

Speaking of, writing projects and plans! I have several planned for the end of 2016/17. Here they are:

  1. Finish The Thousand Scars and hopefully prepare it for publication by the Q1 of 2017. Not guaranteed, but  I feel confident I can finish it this time. Watch this space….that’s all I’m saying.
  2. Complete the 1st draft of the Aegis Mora by either the end of 2016, or Q1 2017. This may not be doable, but it’s a realistic target. 54k and seven chapters have been finished thus far out of a projected eighteen. There is a lot happening for this book.
  3. Have a 1st draft of my dystopian fantasy novel Turning The Page complete by the end of 2016. This is a pet project of mine, set in the western continent of my world Rengar. Here is a WIP map of the world thus far to share, called Uldur.

Map (14).jpg

Turning the Page is set in the Kingdom of Drapnor, in a time where Counterbalance has long finished. Uldur is the original continent of the world where all life began, so there is a greater emphasis on magic in this part of the world then Harloph and Klassos. This novel is going to be a different narrative to many, exploring the many battles and struggles of the civil war which follows after the death of the Black King. A rogue religious state inside the Kingdom challenges for the rule of Drapnor; Sardona, with a very anti-magic rhetoric. The novel will cover a great deal on the suffering of mages during the brutal civil war, and delve into the darker underworld of some branches of magic. It is going to be a violent and powerful story I hope. This is only one of many novels I plan to write for this world, but it will probably be a standalone.

4) Also for 2017, I plan on releasing a self-anthology of stories set in Rengar during my time. With ten-twelve short stories to novelettes, I will hopefully add each story with lore about that part of the world, a different take on most anthologies I think. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and while the world-building will likely never cease, it’s amazing to think Uldur didn’t exist before the beginning of this year. And you know what? It’s my favourite world. I’d say it’s even better then Counterbalance in terms of setting.

5) Finally I will continue my short stories. So far I have twenty in the works, all taking part in the world of Rengar, and likely I will try and have fifty by the end of 2017.

Author Interviews

I will keep these going for as long as people want them; they have proved to be very popular, and I’m happy to support my fellow writers! For more details on how to “apply”, go into this link to my Facebook Author Page. Please like the page as well 🙂

Author Interview


I am live on Patreon

Following talks with my writing friends, I decided to set up a Patreon page to see what I can do. This is more of a casual interest, and there is no pressure on anybody to back me through it. But I figured that a small target per month may help me be able to sit down and work 100% on working on the world, and if thousands of people can get backers, why not I? I’m working on several tier rewards which are in the link down below, if people would like to check the link out, that will be awesome. And if you back it up by becoming a Patreon, it would be hugely appreciated!

My Patreon Link


This is all I have for you guys today. But stay tuned this week! I will be posting a couple more author interviews for my lovely readers, and I will also announce a return to my writing contest after a rethink!


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