Upcoming games I want!

So, 2016 has been pretty piss-poor for games so far for me. That’s not wholly true of course. They’ve just been very disappointing xD However, there are a few upcoming games this year which I really want.

Hello my friends, this is just going to be a short post where I talk about games coming out for the last few months of a poor 2016. Yeah…2016 hasn’t really been very cheerful has it? xD Anyway, onto the list. It’s a relatively small list, but still it’s games I want!


Pokemon Sun and Moon


So yes, this is one of them. I still love playing Pokemon. No, I don’t have Pokemon Go, nor does it really appeal to me. At least not until it goes through some huge changes. But I’ve played every generation and every version from Gen 1 up until the current Gen, and this one looks like a lot of fun. I played the demo this week and it was hilarious. It looks fresh, the evil gang this time around look like gangster rappers (which was both amusing and fresh for Pokemon), the graphics are nice and the region is also fresh. It’s something I’ll probably play for one playthrough but not bother obsessing with after a while.




I love Obsidian. They really know how to make good RPGs, don’t they? Fallout New Vegas was an exceptional (if not buggy as shit) game, and far better then the supreme crapload of a mess Fallout 4 was (Yep, it’s going to be mentioned again in my most Disappointing games list. The DLC this year for it was terrible, with a stupidly high price tag for the Season Pass.)

Now, back to Obsidian. They make good RPGs. Pillars of Eternity, the already mentioned New Vegas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, are just some of them, and all are impressive. Pillars of Eternity was close to my top choice on RPGs for its depth, and while it had issues, was still an exceptional game. Now, Tyranny really interests me. An RPG which has evil already win? Where the hell do I sign! Seriously, this is probably number 1 on what I’ve been most excited to play this year. And no, No Man’s Sky was not on the list. (Not that it was a terrible game, just disappointing for so many. Me? It was what I thought it would be, a relaxing, easy exploration. But more on that for another time, and another blog).


Planet Coaster



Rollercoaster-building games really struggle to take off after the original run of Rollercoaster Tycoon. RCT3 was a good game, though my personal baby from the original trilogy was Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Thanks to open software like OpenRCT2, the game actually runs well and stable on new systems, so it gets the nod. There are three main builders due at the moment. Rollercoaster Tycoon World (Which is awful. I strongly suggest staying away from this piece of shit. Sorry Activision, but you really messed up on this one. Over a year and still no change?) Parkitect which looks rather decent, and this awesome looking Planet Coaster.

Seriously, this game looks amazing. I’ve only played Alpha 1 thanks to a good friend giving me his version to try, and it looks fun as hell. The graphics look amazing and the customization available is exceptional. Now, I’m a bit nervous about the game because it’s made by Frontier, who made Elite Dangerous. Not that it’s a bad game, but it’s had a lot of criticism. Still, at least it’s playable, and a game. (Nods at Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky. SC looks incredible but how long we gonna wait to play the bloody game?) So I am a little bit skeptical how successful it’ll be. Still, it’s highly anticipated, and I hope it’s as good as it looks on launch, on November 17.


Just a short blog from me today. Join me soon I hope!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming games I want!

  1. I’m interested in Pokemon Sun and Moon too! Though I haven’t played quite a few of the ones since they started coming out in the Nintendo 3DS (because I really didn’t feel like spending money on a new console). Which console do you mostly play on? Or do you prefer the PC?


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