A Return to the Random Muse

This isn’t really much of an article, it’s just a short series of notes and things that have happened lately. I hope to get back to doing this more often, so with luck expect to see a lot more from me soon! This generally covers all things in my life including writing, video games and just overall looks into my life as it goes. I’ll admit blogging has not been good for me lately, but hopefully, this will begin to gather things again.

  • Writing has been a mixed bag so far in 2017. While it hasn’t been amazing at times, I’ve managed a pretty solid word count thus far. Not as well as November (In which I pushed through nearly 70,000 words), but I’ve been doing a steady amount most days in 2017, and when I don’t write, I’ve been planning and outlining further ahead. The Thousand Scars is drawing nearer to release, and it’s going to be extremely exciting getting the book out after so long. However, I have been battling the self-doubt which I think plagues the majority of writers. Is my book good enough? Will people like it? It’s a tough circle, and I’ve discussed my woes in my worldbuilding struggles in past articles:

First Floor: Homocidal World-builders

I know that it is still some way before my first novel is ready to release to the public, and I am okay with that. I would rather delay it a few months to make it as good as I can make it for release then rush it and having to re-do it later.


  • Alongside editing Book I of Counterbalance, I have been writing Book II, The Aegis Mora. (The title is a placeholder, but I rather like it. Will have to see what my editor thinks!) I have hit the 130,000 word mark on the novel, with three chapters to go at a minimum. This is both good and bad; good because so far it’s taken me a quarter of the time to write the second of the series as opposed to the first, and bad because I worry the book is going to be too long when it’s all “complete.” However, it is what editing is for, and hopefully, Book II will evolve into something good after the first round of edits. I am concerned with my content for the second book, but I’m just going to push through the first draft, get it out of the way and leave it completely for a couple of months.
  • I have even started planning the final book this week, something which hasn’t happened up until now. Word of advice peeps, if you are writing a novel, DON’T do what I did! It will make things much harder, trust me. I went into Counterbalance with no plan, doing the “oh, I’m seeing where it takes me” approach. I did not have the experience or the skill to pull this off, and it’s set me back probably two-three years. I don’t regret the time lost because the novel is much better now then it ever was, but it’s still a major issue. However, I hope that the work put into the third book and my plans for it will make the effort worth it in the end.


I do have some shoutouts to good friends of mine. Michelle Lowe and Claire Casey are two excellent writers, both of whom have set up funding links on their future projects. They are wonderful people and very talented writers, so I would love it if my readers come check them out. The links are down below.

Kickstarter: Legacy Audio Project

GoFundMe Link for Claire


Hobby-Related Things


  • Torment: Tides of Numenera recently came out last week, a spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed RPG Planescape Torment. Any game after that masterpiece was going to be hard to emulate its incredible charm and gameplay, and Torment seems to have failed a little in that regard. Despite this, I have had a lot of fun playing it so far, despite it having very little combat. I’m not one of those people who’ll blast a game just because it doesn’t do what “Old Formula RPG’s” do. The world is excellent, the NPC’s are rather interesting, the story-telling is very solid and the setting is a thing of beauty. Overall, I’m quite impressed, and it’s certainly a good game. For those who loved Planescape Torment or did the kickstarter (some controversy related to that, but I’m not letting that get in the way of a good game), it can be seen as a bit disappointing.
  • I recently returned to map working, and so far it’s been very positive. Doing some work for my Patreon and building my large, multi-map project of Harloph are my primary goals. It is a lot of fun and can be very relaxing.
  • The Nintendo Switch came out. Yep. I saw it too. The new Zelda game looks phenomenal, but with few other titles of note, I’m not going to drop £300-400 on the Switch and all its necessary components just for one game. Yet.
  • Planet Coaster is beginning to lose some of its charm for me. I still love it, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that it’s lack of challenge is starting to be a tipping point. Even so, it’s still a game I do enjoy playing in short bursts, if only in short bursts. I still look forward to whatever the devs plan for it’s DLC, if only out of interest.
  • Robot Wars returned to the BBC yesterday in the new lauded Series 9 (A return to acknowledging the old series, perhaps?) It was MUCH better this time round. The 2016 series was decent but had some serious flaws, most of them have been fixed in this new edition. Largely improving on an old formula, it was a wonderful heat and very enjoyable. I might even return to my old RW related articles too, a series which I kind of abandoned due to lack of interest. I will upload the links to them down below:

A New Robot Wars: Ranking best to worst Series (1-7) 1-3.

Robot Wars Best to Worst 4-7

Robot Wars Legacy: Controversial Battles! The Series.

Robot Wars Controversial Battles: Part 2!


That’s all I have so far. It’s been a difficult fortnight wracked by anxiety attacks and resurgent depression, but I’m getting there. As Counterbalance draws nearer to release, I will be using the blog to begin some early preparation and talking more about the world.

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