#WIPjoy Week 1 – Camp NaNoWriMo!

It’s been very rough few weeks for my blog. I do apologize for my complete lack of interest I’ve shown for it lately. (Looks at number of articles, then sits in the corner)

Six articles in two months. That is just not what I intended at all. *Sigh*

Things have been pretty rough at home, and I’ve been trying to push other things like my Patreon, my fantasy cartography and my writing after some lull. I am pleased to say that for the moment, family problems have lulled, but time will tell. It is very good for me to write another article again! For those who don’t know, April is for Camp NaNoWriMo, a more casual writing challenge. Same as the November 50k challenge, but you pick the word count. I decided to give it a go this month, instead going for a relatively small and (hopefully easy) target of 20,000 words.

If you are wondering what the feature photo it is, it’s something that’s trending rather a lot for Campers, by someone called Bethany Jennings. 30 days, 30 prompts for you to talk about your work or yourself. So, this would be a cool idea for four articles, huh? One per week. And here is week 1!


Day 1 – Introduce your WIP!



For April, I am working on two WIP projects, both fantasy set in the world of Rengar. The first, is my magnum opus (And the first one that will be released to the public when the time comes) is Counterbalance, and the beginning of my journey into serious fantasy fiction. It is a trilogy, and April is the start of me rewriting the second book, in which I decided it needed a complete reconstruction.

1) Counterbalance, my first magnum opus and the beginning of my journey into fantasy novels. This is a trilogy, exploring the morality of war, the catalysts which drive ordinary people into horrific acts of terror, and the power of forgotten magic. Extremely character driven (I hope) and it has been my main writing project for the past five years. Working on rewriting the entire first draft of the second book in the series. Book one, The Thousand Scars will be released later this year.

2) The second WIP is the re-imagining of my other Rengar project Turning the Page, my more ambitious and larger scope multi-novel series set in the same world as Counterbalance, just a different time and a different part of the world. Turning the Page is a series exploring magical purgatory, the countless snakes in a kingdom’s civil war after the death of the Black King, and plots by old and new foes for their own agenda.


Day 2 = Main Character description

Because Turning the Page is still in the planning stages, I don’t really have a true main character. For Counterbalance, the main character by far is Tyir of Irene. Check out the amazing fan art drawn for me by my amazing friend Jen Brown!

17523457_1379721315428473_5453439468214659932_n (1)

An ex-mercenary, convicted prisoner and necromancer, he has studied the darker arts of the world; most of which are lost relics from the Beginning Age, even before the arrival of men from Klassos into Harloph. (Known as the Bonemorns, it’s said in legend they travelled in a great fleet from Uldur to Klassos, and then colonised Harloph which was under the rule of New Valia, also natives from Uldur.) An extremely dangerous and experienced veteran and intelligent, his hatred for the Pharos Order erupts into his war of revenge against them and anyone who threatens his way of life. By far the trump card of the trilogy, I hope people will like him as much as I.


Day 3: Visual sharing for your WIP!

I may as well stick with Counterbalance for the time being. The image is a little….overpowered for the necromancy that takes place, at least by Tyir. Some other magic is a lot more potent so it does fit that a bit better, but then I would be spoiling some cool stuff! Turning the Page has some very powerful magic, so in honesty, this picture can cover both. Look at that!



Day 4…Visual songs!

1,500 words today on rewriting the prologue of The Aegis Mora. Very long way to go, but I’m liking the beginning of this book a lot better than the original. On day 4, I needed to find a song. Instead, I found this awesome catchy soundtrack which would be great for a fancy trailer for Counterbalance, or even if it ever got lucky enough to be converted into a movie or series. HBO, look me up 😉 Here is the link!

X-Ray Dog – Final Hour

Day 5 – A line of description. 

Pretty easy this one, just a line of description. From Counterbalance:

A hazy ring of fire circled the sun hanging low over the horizon, little more than an irate, scarlet ball of blood.


Day 6! The WIP Senses!


Did well today, 2,000 words on The Aegis Mora. I worry the opening chapter will be a bit too long, but fuck it, it’s first draft. I can fix crap. And all the original stuff I did can be converted into a short story! *dances*

So, the Senses of Counterbalance. I have a treat for you! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Sight: I had plenty for this one, but the view onto the walls of the pilgrim city of Tarantown won out for me I think. When Lance Ironheart and his reluctant allies await the arrival of the Keidan, he imagines the beauty of the place, but to the south looms the mountains of Sirquol, where the extinct Valian’s once ruled. Dark times are coming.

Sound: One thing which loomed out to me for me, was the first sign of a sinister creature being brought to battle during the Battle for Valare. No spoilers this time, but the Selpvian army has access to some dangerous beasts.

Taste: Oh boy. Some of the Thousand Scars are sadistic little pricks to pull this one off. There is a horrible scene following the attack upon an innocent neutral village in which they trick the mayor of the town, a starving, desperate man, into eating the scraped remains of his butchered wife. It’s…pretty nasty.

Smell: The stench of death is pretty rank, and it happens a hell of a lot….

Touch: Tyir reached out a gentle hand and touched the jagged rock face. When he pulled his fingers away, they came back caked in black dust.


Day 7: Story Representation!

This took me a while xD Counterbalance…if it was represented by one item, I’d say it would be a rusty steel blade dripping with blood. It’s rough around the edges, implies a great deal of suffering, can still cause pain even though the edges are blunted, and the events could be catastrophic.


That is it for today! I will have one of these a week for April, more a round-up of posts I have on social media in one little package! My Patreon link is down below: just click on the Patreon image to enter my page: come and look at the new work! Lots of lore and snippets exclusive to my Patrons are available on there as well. I will also try and get up another book review very soon….do you like rebels?



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