Writing Evil Well

Felt the need to reblog this, a solid guide to writing evil well, which can be hard to do.

Write for the King

Guest post by Frances Tait

“Don’t portray evil as glamourous” is something I heard a lot when I was growing up, especially from Christian sources. No vampire and werewolf romances, good witches, or friendly dragons for these people.

I understand why. It could be damaging to make evil something appealing, to teach that what is bad and dangerous might be simply misunderstood. Recently, however, I have been considering whether portraying evil as glamourous is actually bad. I decided not. Here’s why.

In real life, evil is glamourous, at least on the outside and at first. If it did not appeal in some way, it would not happen. People don’t do evil because it is evil. The most basic reason is pleasure, but it is rarely the pleasure of making other people suffer, because the average person is not a sadistic maniac.

However, these kinds of villains are very common in…

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