Just a short post…plans!

It’s been fairly quiet again, sorry!

I am feeling a little better today after a couple of blips last night. Anxiety and Depression is a constant battle and I have great respect for all those who struggle with it like I do.  It hasn’t hit me as hard this month as it usually does, but exhaustion does bring it up more. Fatigue with Counterbalance Book 2 contributed and while the rewrite of it has been doing okay lately, I hit a bit of a block, but hopefully, I am back into it.

It is amazing how one change switches the focus of half the book! As a result, I need to fix that, as it involves a lot of shifts in POV, when certain characters arrive, and so on. I still have plenty of time for book two, however, and I am confident that the final product will be much better for it.

Here are just a few upcoming plans for the blog.

  1. More author interviews and book reviews! If you would like your book reviewed on here or would like me to give you an interview, message me! My preferences are fantasy and sci-fi but I would consider every genre.
  2. A series of articles on worldbuilding. I have really neglected this and would like to keep it going. I have so much to talk about on the subject, it’s just a matter of finding the energy of getting back and writing it.

That’s pretty much it for now! I felt guilty for not writing an article, so here is a quick one. I’ll try to return soon!


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