Extending my Book Reviews.

Just a short article this time. It’s time I really dedicate more attention to this blog. So, I am going to officially open a chance for people to have their books reviewed, and posted on this blog!

A few things from me:

My main preferences are fantasy of all kinds, followed by science fiction. I will typically shun YA, romance, dystopian and most other genres, but if it looks interesting, I will pick it up. I am sorry for being picky, but I tend to read what I already like and write myself. I will accept some YA fantasy and sci-fi in a pinch, but be prepared because I will be a lot more critical in going in. You’ll have to put up with my personal preferences here. More adult fiction is to my taste. I like dystopian, but it has to be creative. If you put the typical “dystopian society with Hunger Games-like badly written characters with romance tacked on it”, I am not going to read it. I’d rather not waste anyone’s time.

Warning. You may not be guaranteed a fully glowing review. and it is something you shouldn’t expect from me when you apply for one. I’m quite easy when it comes to liking books and genres, but I will be honest as well as positive where it is due. I did find several problems with this book, and I prefer to be honest when reviewing things. I will however always find positives in a book unless it is so bad that I cannot continue the book. If that happens, I won’t post a review blasting the book, but instead talk to the author privately. I prefer it like that. Unless a book is so terrible it deserves the criticism and one-star review, I will always finish the book and be as fair (and critical when it’s due) as possible. It is who I am. A book is someone’s work that they hopefully have put a lot of their heart into.

Remember: THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. That does NOT make what I say mean for people to attack or praise it to high heaven just because I did. We are all free with our own choices, and I respect all authors and writers as long as they respect others in return. In other words, don’t be a dick.

If you want a review, message or post. You can either provide a MOBI or paperback, whatever works best for you. In some cases, I will be able to buy the copy outright, but that is dependent on my financial situation. I eventually hope to buy every book I review to support the author, but I will follow and share out your work as much as I can ❤

You will also be offered an interview. If accepted, I will give you the list of questions, and you answer them. Any cover art to make the article look pretty is appreciated.

That is all! I have some slots open (I have a horrendously intimidating pile to go through…*cries*).

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