Best Games Ever Made: Part 1

No, The featured pic is not the best game ever. Not even in my opinion.

It has improved a lot, though.

Welcome to a new segment I hope to you know…keep going! It comes down to my motivation. If it’s not received well, I don’t continue it. If people like it, I’ll continue it. That is how the cookie crumbles!


Anyway, moving on. Video Gaming is something most of us like. Sometimes, we love it. Sometimes, we get obsessed with it to a rather psychotic degree. I started gaming way back in 1998-9, during good times. I have a Gameboy Colour which I got for Christmas that year, and Pokemon Red was the first game I owned. I played it for hours on end, starting the depressing trend that is now me. Whoo!

The first computer game I played was Age of Empires, the Microsoft RTS game. I was shit at it, and I remember vividly buying Age of Empires II for the first time. Again, I was terrible at it, but 18 years on, and it remains one of my favorite games of all time. Which is why I am releasing this series of articles talking about my top games! A couple of things of course.

  1. My opinion. An obvious thing, but people tend to forget this and act like morons when I don’t add a game they think they love. I have shunned many games over the years. This may be shocking, but I have not played everything!
  2. Up until the Top 10, this list isn’t necessarily in any order. In many cases, I cannot pick between them. This is just my chance to talk about some games I fucking love. Or like. Some of these games have some pretty serious flaws. (Glares at you, Phantom bloody Pain)
  3. I have a lot of games to talk about here. Expect a long list.


Rome: Total War 



Fucking loved this game. It really was unfortunate that the Total War series devolved after a certain point. Now, it is just a hodge-podge mess of eye-gouging DLC, a usual mix of bugs and glitches and hashed, simplified content that really irritated me. (I’m looking at you, Total War Rome 2! Probably one of the most disappointing sequels I’ve ever played.)

I played the original Medieval: Total War before for hundreds of hours, and I remembered thinking: “This needs elephants and chariots.” Not only did Rome give me that, but it gave me a refreshing graphics and hundreds of hours of fun gameplay. It had its faults for sure; vanilla looked quite…campy with horrific lapses in historical accuracy (laughs at the Egyptians with their centuries obsolete army) and overall shitty AI, but the series never really improved that. With all the awesome factions of Ancient Rome up until Emperor Trajan, it really stuck out to me. Playing as the Legion in a rather appealing graphics set (far better than anything I had played up until that point anyway), and all of the things you could do, it was a stunning blend of RTS and real-life battles that Total War excelled at. What a great game.

Oh, and it helped that the game had so many mods. It is a bit rough around the edges now and struggles to run on modern software, but my god, it is a masterpiece.

It was not my top Total War game, however. There is another even better than this. What is it, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see.



Age of Mythology



A good example of a great game partially ruined by a poor remaster. Now, this game was a big part of my childhood. A spiritual successor to one of the best games of all time (Age of Empires 2), it was a refreshing look in the RTS. And MYTHICAL CREATURES!

Gods, they are good times.

The game still holds up well today. A solid gameplay, some pretty extensive single player content and a wonderful map editor has given me lots of good times with this game. Unfortunately, the Extended Edition on Steam is an example of poorly optimized content with a nigh-broken multiplayer. And the new expansion…my fucking god. Don’t get me started.


Ugh. A poor taste in the mouth, that.

I can still recommend the old game. It is a lot of fun. Outclassed by other RTS games, but all in all, enjoyable and fresh. Well done! The god powers are badass, and I love all the myth units. My favorite being the Norse….giant’s, my boy. Hell yeah!


Far Cry 3 


Look. I mock Ubisoft a lot, and for good reason. They’ve been…a mixed bag, again, as usual, this year. However, their new Assassin’s Creed actually looks quite good. Here is hoping!

However, I did genuinely enjoy Far Cry 3. A big, open world first-person shooter, it looks absolutely beautiful, and I still enjoy going through this game at times. It’s fun to go through the world, driving like a maniac and killing off pirates.

Funny story, I got bored playing Primal so I went back to this game again. It still holds up, despite the traditional Ubisoft problems of tried and tired sandboxing, Tower rushes and so many collectibles. Oh Ubisoft, you still don’t change. However, I enjoyed this a lot regardless. Uplay is a TERRIBLE launcher, and I’d recommend you try and get it elsewhere.

But it’s still a pretty FPS open world shenanigans in the old sense. I always preferred FC to Assassin’s Creed (No wonder’ AC series besides Black Flag is terrible and even then BF has its issues in that it’s an AC game. Go figure.) The protagonists you play as though are whiny little rich bitches, and made me wish I could fight for the pirates. Oh, my God, Vaas was an incredible character and really helped sell it for me. Shame he wasn’t in for long though. I hated the boss fights (Quick time events ARE NOT GOOD!), but I actually quite liked Hoyt in retrospect. Some of the villains in the Far Cry series are absolutely incredible.



Black and White 2 


That image comes from the predecessor but never mind that.

I loved Black and White; it was the first major review I did on my blog. Despite its flaws (of which there are many), it was extremely fun and I did overall enjoy the game. The sequel…is mixed, I have to say. The game looks gorgeous, even on modern systems (2016, it looks better than most new games, and that’s a testament to how nice it looks.)

It plays pretty well, and there aren’t many bugs. The game was extended more than the first, and it still holds up pretty damn well on modern software as I said. Peter Monoleux may be a gaming version of North Korea in how much he likes to exaggerate and bullshit, but he really has an impressive creative mind. I’ve missed stuff like this, and this was my favorite series.

Despite this, I found a few….problems. It is a bit dumbed down from the original. It’s creature training was disappointing. The Miracles were vastly reduced in scope, with only 6 rather than the 20+ in the original. Imagination was dumbed down a lot in this sequel, and even worse you can’t kill your own civilians with miracles! With only the campaign option and no sandbox either, that was a little bit disappointing.

Overall, a fun little game. I still play it in 2017, which is a testament to how fun I find it.


That is all I have for now, but join me soon for Part 2!




















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