Extending my Book Reviews.

Just a friendly reminder I am still taking author interview and book review requests!

The Thousand Scar's Muse

Just a short article this time. It’s time I really dedicate more attention to this blog. So, I am going to officially open a chance for people to have their books reviewed, and posted on this blog!

A few things from me:

My main preferences are fantasy of all kinds, followed by science fiction. I will typically shun YA, romance, dystopian and most other genres, but if it looks interesting, I will pick it up. I am sorry for being picky, but I tend to read what I already like and write myself. I will accept some YA fantasy and sci-fi in a pinch, but be prepared because I will be a lot more critical in going in. You’ll have to put up with my personal preferences here. More adult fiction is to my taste. I like dystopian, but it has to be creative. If you put the typical “dystopian society…

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