A Thousand Scars – The Turnaround

Well. It’s finally happened. Five years in the making, but my debut novel is out on Amazon! The links to it are down below:


So, where were we from my tale? I think I recall from the 2015 period? I think that is right. I could be wrong. Here are the links to Parts 1 and 2:

A Thousand Scars – The Beginning
A Thousand Scars – Years of Backpacking across Thickets of Nothing


Slow but Steady

So, 2015. Counterbalance was still going. Slowly, but it was getting there. Or so I thought. I look back and laugh now at how naive I was at the time, because it was barely worth a first draft, let alone be anywhere near publication – worthy. It was bad. On a level of Ride to Hell: Retribution bad. Yes, I went there.

So, it was June 2015, and my girlfriend Vicky was staying over at mine for the week while the old ones (the mum and dad) were on holiday. It was an ordinary day, and I came across a post on a random Facebook writing group I was on from a certain Michael Kobernus (of Nordland Publishing). As I say, this was completely out of the blue meeting. He was wanting to know about people’s writing, because of a lot of Facebook groups just have people spamming their book links. I posted regarding my book being 140k and “no end in sight.” Yep. I REALLY did not know anything!

Naturally, he was intrigued and we connected on messenger, where he told me a bit about himself, Nordland and wanted to know more about my writing. As an editor, this got me excited. Finally, someone else can rip apart my stuff and give me the kick I needed to improve! Poor Vicky spent three hours downstairs on her own while I went on Skype with Michael (Sorry hunni!) She is amazing, she is. (She knows where I live.)

Strictly put. I had a lot to work on. and I mean a lot. My chapters were terrible, the opening had about 6,000 words of nothing before anything started. I barely had any meat on the bones throughout the “book”. Remember, it was barely half done. I had so much to do. Michael kindly but firmly advised I make it a series, split it and strip it all down from the beginning. It was exactly what I needed and wanted to hear, and the long journey began from there.

The Blessing

When I started my journey of writing, I will admit I had no idea what I was doing. (Let’s be fair, I still don’t, but I know more now then I did back then!) Counterbalance is my first novel, and before June 2015, it was one terrible, bloated mess. I was writing, with no plan.

Then by complete chance, I talked to who is now my publisher, Michael Kobernus of Nordland Publishing. We talked a great deal, I took advice from a great friend and split the novel from one book into three. It involved stripping the whole book and rewriting pretty much everything. It was the hardest lesson, but I cannot enjoy it more. The book turned from something which was a fragmented mess, into a (still in my eyes) fragmented mess, but one which is far superior to what it was. I was rewarded with the offer, and I couldn’t be happier.

Main Information

So, in a gist of it, that is the story! Here is some information about me and the book!

What is Counterbalance?

Counterbalance tells the brutal story of a land in turmoil, as two desperate superpowers battle for survival in a war of terror and clashes of morality. A complex series, it involves bloody battles and sieges, vengeful necromancers, rampant mercenary companies, a young man desperately searching for a new home, and powerful conspiracies.

For good or evil, The Thousand Scars shall bleed the world…and they will save it. Or will they? The first book of the series releases on December 9th, the opening book of this epic fantasy series.


Michael R. Baker studied history at University of Sunderland, and at last he found a use for his degree. The idea for Counterbalance came off the back of an exhausting bus journey, ironically starting an even longer voyage into writing and publishing fantasy. Alongside his passion for storytelling and worldbuilding, Michael is an avid video gamer and cartographer, bringing his fantasy world and others from the mind onto paper reality. The Thousand Scars is Michael’s debut novel, and the first of the epic fantasy series.


The greatest war since the time of ancient Chaos has reached the Balian Empire. Within the Balian council, a rogue faction unleashes an unthinkable dark magic to defeat its enemies. As the Empire loses ground, disgraced scholar and exile Tyrone Cessil is forced to go on the run. His only chance is with a band of cutthroat mercenaries, the Thousand Scars. Tyrone’s new commander is the notorious and hated Necromancer, Tyir of Irene. Life with the Scars is hard, but Tyrone believes the Necromancer can stop the Empire’s forbidden sorcery. Tyir leads the Scars on a campaign of bloody vengeance, and they commit acts of horrific brutality, leading Tyrone to question the price he is willing to pay to survive. The Thousand Scars will bleed the world. And they will save it.

The Thousand Scars book links:

getBook.at/Thethousandscars: Paperback

getBook.at/Thethousandscarskindle: Kindle


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It has been a wild ride, but it is just the beginning. Next time in Counterbalance: I will write some articles exploring the more intimate lore behind Rengar, the world that is Counterbalance.

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