2017: A year of Retrospective

It has been a strange mix, this year. Even more so than in 2016!
Healthwise, I’d love to say it got better…but it hasn’t. However, it has not gotten worse either. It is the same story, but for the first time since my diagnosis, it has not regressed further in 2017. I’ve even been able to return for light exercise at the gym which I will be continuing throughout 2018/9.
Ever since my diagnosis in 2014, Chronic fatigue hasn’t gone away no matter what I’ve attempted to try and improve it, and it’s affected every part of my life in ways I didn’t expect. However, I am confident going into 2018 that I can at least contain it, if not recover slightly. I’ve made a good start this year!
But that is only the bad things of the year. Writing-wise, I have only good to say. It took me five years. But it’s not going to stop there. I have a fantasy realm to share with the world.
I’ve had several eye-openers in writing this year, and during periods of writer’s block during the earlier months of 2017 and the more severe fatigue I’ve also been putting pen to paper and coming up with countless other ideas for stories, so that is another good thing for further down the line. I have built up a pretty cool platform and met some amazing people through it.
Going into 2017, I feel I have made such progress on my writing ability over the past year, and I feel that shows in my own works. Indeed, I’m working on an entirely new fantasy series alongside Counterbalance, and with my map making/fantasy world-building commissions, hopefully, I can take that through into 2017.

When I started my journey of writing, I will admit I had no idea what I was doing. (Let’s be fair, I still don’t, but I know more now then I did back then!) Counterbalance is my first novel, and before June 2015, it was one terrible, bloated mess. I was writing, with no plan.

Then by complete chance, I talked to who is now my publisher, Michael Kobernus of Nordland Publishing. We talked a great deal, I took advice from a great friend and split the novel from one book into three. It involved stripping the whole book and rewriting pretty much everything. It was the hardest lesson, but I cannot enjoy it more. The book turned from something which was a fragmented mess, into a (still in my eyes) fragmented mess, but one which is far superior to what it was. I was rewarded with the offer, and I couldn’t be happier.

Yes. 2017 was the first time ever I can actually answer people’s questions. “Michael, when is your book going to come out?” And I can reply:

It is out!



The blog has done well this year, but it could be so much more. As of 2018, I will be keeping the doors open 24/7 to authors. Want an interview? I’ll only be too happy to accommodate?

Want your stuff shared out? Again, I’ll only be too happy to help!

Want your book reviewed? Get in contact!

2018 needs to be the return of myself. 2017 was a year of healing. I’m not quite there yet, but seeing how close things were in previous years, I think I am doing okay. And that is all I need.

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