Monthly Round-Up: September 2018

This is a bit of a cheat, but I thought to round off September I would post the links of all the past interviews in this month into one post and make it pretty. I have all their book links down below, so go and check everyone out!

The next SPFBO interview will be up during the first week of October!

SPFBO Author Interview: Jeffrey Collyer “Dreams and Shadows”


SPFBO Interview: Darran Handshaw “The Engineer”


SPFBO Interview: Sean Cunningham “Ghost Electricity”


Author Interview: Kaitlin Bellamy


SPFBO Entry Interview: Bryan Schuder “Ain’t a Hero”


SPFBO Entry Interview: Alex Anthony “Servants of Rage”


SPFBO Entry Interview: Lee Conley “A Ritual of Bone”

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