November 2018 – Roundup

The last month has gone so bloody fast! It’s been quite a good one I think. I’ve done a lot of writing and posted a lot of interviews. Overall, I am quite content! So today is a roundup of all my posts this month. They are all interviews!

December is. . . going to be different.

I’ve received a few more interviews this week which is great. For all those who are in doubt, I am always here to interview authors. This isn’t a time limit thing. If you would like a chance to talk about yourself, you will get a slot no matter how long it takes 🙂

December is going to be an important month for me. The first anniversary of The Thousand Scars is approaching on the 7th, and it’s been. . .an emotional first year in my debut as an author. Lots of ups and downs. I will be preparing a special article exploring my full journey from writing to publication, and all the roller coaster events that happened since. To be short, it’s been tough at times, to the point where I came very close to giving it all up. I’m happy to say that now I’m in quite a good place, and I have high hopes for 2019. More to come on that, but I intend on putting up the article next weekend.

Secondly, I’m working on my annual gaming awards. Not fully related to SPFBO, but games are popular after all. I’ve had a relatively fun time with gaming this year, and I have a lot to say.


The first interview was with Kirsten Corby, author of her awesome looking Daughter of Atlas.

SPFBO Author Interview: Kirsten Corby “Daughter of Atlas”


The next interview of the month was with Travis Riddle, who brought his awesome book Balam, Spring.

SPFBO Author Interview: Travis M. Riddle


Emerald Dodge was next, with possibly my favourite book title. It’s simple and it works.

SPFBO Author Interview: Emerald Dodge “Battlecry”


Next up was Christopher Percy, who survived the Thousand Scars interrogation and passed with flying colours.

SPFBO Author Interview: Christopher Percy “Dark of Winter

Phil Parker was another who did well in the den. He wandered into the den of The Thousand Scars lost and alone. I managed to talk Tyir out of harvesting his organs and managed to sneak Phil in for a quick chat while Horse made coffee. He makes terrible coffee. Fucking Pyrans, man.

SPFBO Author Interview: Phil Parker “The Bastard from Fairyland”



Then we had a particularly special interview with Booknest judge and awesome guy in his own right Charles Phipps, who writes frankly the best vampire books I’ve ever read.

SPFBO Judge Interview: Charles Phipps

fangton cover


Russell Cullsion got his chance in the seat, showing off his spooky entry The Hidden Ones. I had a lot of interest in the cover.

SPFBO Author Interview: Russell Cullison “The Hidden Ones”


The last but no means least author to enter my domain in November was Lorri Moulton, who showed off her book Magics betrayal to me and Tyir. The latter was particularly interested in the story.

SPFBO Author Interview: Lorri Moulton “Magic’s Betrayal”


I intend on posting a few more interviews this month, although the number will likely be lower. I have at least four slots dedicated to my other projects and its going to be a great month. Even when I run out of interviews, this will not be the end for my support of authors. As Phase 1 of SPFBO comes to a close, I will continue to support you all to the very end and I’m looking forward to doing this all again next year.

I will again say it. If you’d like an interview, don’t hesitate to get in touch! There is no deadline for my support of you.



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