The best self-published books that we have read at Fantasy Book Review

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The top self-published books that we have read at Fantasy Book Review, in no particular order. (Or they were self-published when we read them.)

Faithless – Graham Austin-King
Faithless book cover
“An utterly dark, unique, well-written, and deeply engaging grimdark story” – James Tivendale

Richard Nell – Kings of Paradise
Kings of Paradise book cover
“Kings of Paradise is a brilliant book, and I expect it catch fire in the fantasy community as word-of-mouth spreads.” – Adam Weller

A Threat of Shadows – JA Andrews
A Threat of Shadows book cover
“A fun fantasy with some well-placed twists.” – Lee Sibbald

Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft
Senlin Ascends book cover
“A beautifully written, highly engaging page-turning masterpiece.” – James Tivendale

Darklands by ML Spencer
Darklands book cover
“I really have no idea how it’s going to play out, which is rare and always nice. Ultimately, in Darien We Trust.” – Richard Nell

Aching God by Mike Shel
Aching God book cover

“It is a thrilling, dark, cleverly written debut novel which deserves all the attention…

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