Games of 2019: Interlude

Since I like keeping some suspense before revealing my Top 5 of the year, I thought I’d talk a bit about some other games I’ve played in 2019. Nothing huge or too in detail, just little thoughts here and there.

And because I like teasing. Let’s give this a go.


Heaven’s Vault


A game that I toyed with a lot whether it deserved to be on my Top 10 or not over the year, I eventually decided on regulating it to this little talk. Which is a shame, because it is a really cool game with a lot of promise. Don’t take that as anything to count against Heaven’s Vault. I think in the end, I just didn’t play enough of it. Believe me, I will be during the coming weeks.

In Heaven’s Vault you play as an archeologist translating ancient text through a really interesting narrative. It’s wide open with lots of choices, and while I’m only a few hours in I like the artistic style and the gameplay. It’s almost a visual novel in many ways, and has quite a lot of charm.

When I play more, I’ll be happy to give this a proper review.




What an adorable and awesome idea for a game! Taking place inside a sandpit, Supraland borrows elements from Portal, Metroid and Zelda in a really fun platform/puzzle adventure. There’s just so much joy in playing this, and there’s a literal sandpit of stuff to do, jumps to make, and puzzles to solve. You are given a very basic start in story and sent off to do your thing. There’s no voice acting, the graphics while nice are pretty basic, but it’s the gameplay that matters.

It’s just nice to play a cool, open ended metroidvania style game like this. It’s as if something shoved Portal and Metroid in a blender of sand, mixed it to shit up and brought out this beauty. It’s really quite endearing and like Heaven’s Vault, if I had more time to play it, it could have easily been on one of my Top 10 lists.

And they’re making a sequel. That’s awesome; it deserves the recognition it gets.




Coming out early in 2019, Eastshade is a very unique take on an open world RPG. There’s no combat at all: you are a painter, in a beautiful and strange forest setting. All you do is travel the island, draw pictures, and sell them to locals for secrets and items.

It’s a really zen way to play, if I’m honest, and I’d like to see more games like so. It really is a beautiful game, and the world design is quite unique. There’s a mix of races, humans and strange humanoid talking animals. The narrative is quite sweet. You’re travelling to this strange land to paint landscapes for your mother back home, but a shipwreck keeps you in this world. There’s a very nice feel to everything, and while the voice acting isn’t amazing, it’s high quality for such a small team. The soundtrack and ambience of it all is impressive too; it really feels like I’m with nature.

Some people might call this game boring, and that’s fair – some people will find its general lack of direction and combat a slog. But there’s a really cool and memorable game here if you have the patience and daring to go out there and give it a chance.



I’ve had a lot of fun with this one. It’s an excellent post-apocalyptic indie game, inspired by classic CRPGs: Fallout, Wasteland, Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate and many others. I’d call it the spiritual successor of Fallout 2 in several ways, and it’s a pretty good piece of kit.

I also interviewed the devs:

Game Dev Interview: Atom RPG

There’s an excellent character creation, a good sense of freedom and a solid base for a strong RPG here. Like all good RPGs, quests are variable and have plenty of ways to complete them, and there’s a very good way to customize your character with skill points. I’m only a few hours into the game so far, but I’m finding it strong. There’s crafting, difficult but fair combat, really fun quests and even base building in times.

Even better, ATOM RPG is pretty damn affordable, you can buy it for just over £10/15$. The guys behind it continue to support it with new content as well.


Apologies this article took so long to come out. Hopefully at the weekend, I will upload and complete the big one: My Top 5 games of 2019. It’s going to be fun!


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