So, a long overdue blog post.

Yeah. Long overdue update. I haven’t been keeping on track of anything lately, which is a pain. It’s been nearly two months since my last post, and a lot has been happening.

So let’s start with the opening thing: I’ve been pretty sick since October. Post convention lurgy (I blame our fellow sick authors for this!) became something pretty nasty, and I dealt with an inner ear inflammation which completely knocked me for six. I only recently recovered from that, and then I’ve been dealing with a dry cough and generally feeling crap from my trip to Edinburgh.

And no, it’s not that virus I’m pretty certain! It’s just niggling things now, but with ME, every illness you get hits you quite hard, so managing it around the constant severe fatigue has made things tough.

That, coupled with work burnout over the last few months made things worse. In late Janauary I took the heartbreaking decision to leave my day job at Grimlore. Things ended on a high note though (I’m still in touch with everyone there) and as much as it hurt leaving I feel I’ve learned a lot from my time at Grimlore. Perhaps in the future I can return to the games industry. Really, I’ve been thinking of the positives. For something I had no expectations with, it was one hell of a breakthrough.

Now let’s move forward to the other joyful thing: Scars relaunch. I was hoping to get THE THOUSAND SCARS relaunch out by the end of March, but that’s not happening now. As these things go, the loss of work means loss of income, and I’m still so far behind schedule with getting Scars ready. There’s proofreading, formatting, interior and cover design…just so much, and I only have so much time and money right now to dedicate to it.

So, it’s going to be delayed. How long a delay? That’s going to depend. It’s still my intent to get it out this year, but we will see.

So yeah, that’s been me the last few months. As for this blog, I hope to return to at least some form of activity. I still have interviews to do (I’m really far behind), some game dev interviews, some articles on games, the usual.


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