Gamedev Interview: Ruinarch

Last week, I spoke a little about a pretty cool game called Ruinarch, in which you take the role of a dark god and screw up as many villager lives as possible. Well, I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Marvin Apacible, the brains behind this awesome indie game. Ruinarch is on sale […]

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Authors In Isolation: John Rosenman

Back with Authors In Isolation! Got a new interview for you guys today with John Rosenman, who has aquired quite the awesome writing career. Come check him out! First of all, tell me about yourself! What do you write?  Hi, I’m a retired English professor who writes speculative fiction – science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal […]

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SPFBO Interview: John Pepe

Back with a brand new interview to kick off the weekend, this time with John Pepe and his amazing cover/debut novel, The Lone Wolf. We tune in with him in the Scar’s Den to hear his thoughts on writing and life.           STARTING OFF WITH A BANG   Introduce yourself! An […]

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