SPFBO Interview: John Pepe

Back with a brand new interview to kick off the weekend, this time with John Pepe and his amazing cover/debut novel, The Lone Wolf. We tune in with him in the Scar’s Den to hear his thoughts on writing and life.           STARTING OFF WITH A BANG   Introduce yourself! An […]

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SPFBO Interview: Derek Prior

Our latest SPFBO 2020 interview is with Derek Prior, author of the Nameless Dwarf series, and rocking his badass covers!       STARTING OFF WITH A BANG   Introduce yourself! An easy question to start off with. Who are you, what do you write?   I’m Derek Prior, originally from England, but now living […]

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SPFBO Interview: Stephanie Barr

Took the Sunday off to return to streaming, so we’re back as scheduled with a new author interview. Today I bring you Stephanie Barr with her entry “Curse of the Jenri”, hope you guys enjoy 🙂   SPFBO 2020 Interviews   SPFBO Interview: Nerine Dorman SPFBO Interview: Josiah Rosell SPFBO Interview: Jamie Edmundson     […]

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SPFBO Interview: Josiah Rosell

Nice to be back in the interviewer’s chair. Got a new interview and subject for you today with Josiah Rosell, a debut combatant to SPFBO. Hope you guys enjoy. Off-screen: You’re not supposed to say subject. ….. Ahem. Anyway, here’s a link to Josiah’s book!       SPFBO 2020 Interviews   SPFBO Interview: Jamie […]

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