A Thousand Scars – Years of Backpacking across Thickets of Nothing

Welcome to part two of my writing journey. This time, I will take you from the early days of Counterbalance, right up until the moment that changed it all for the better. It was certainly an intriguing path, but extremely frustrating and ended up with me swearing angrily at my computer for years to come. […]


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Book Review: The Final Empire

It has been a while since I have written one of these, but it is high time I returned! Today is the beginning of my long series into the Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson. I finally completed both Mistborn trilogies, and with Oathbringer now out (the book sitting on my shelf ready) I cannot wait to […]

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Best Games Ever Made: Part 3

I do have a plan for this series. Eventually, I will go on a Top 20 list, but until then, this is just a good way for me to talk about some of the best games I’ve ever played. As always, this is personal and subjective, everyone will have their own opinions! Dragon Age: Inquisition […]

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