A Conglomeration of Words: May 2016

It’s been a very fast five months so far in 2016 hasn’t it? Time goes by so quickly. Feels like only yesterday when I started blogging. This blog isn’t too old, and while I haven’t’ been very active on it lately, so far I’m quite pleased with it all. This will be a random discussion […]


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Flash Game Reviews

I’ve been playing a lot of games lately. More then I probably should be. (Looks to my huge pile of books to read and review, while my WIP novel Counterbalance screams “Finish me!” on my laptop….) Yeah, it swallows us all. You know the drill. This is something I’m enjoying doing, a short review of […]

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A Roundup….Delayed Return!

  It’s been a very long time since my last blog, apologies for it. A lot has happened since, but thankfully most of it has been good. This will just be a random collection of things and thoughts for the past month. Here we go! First of all, writing! I have a lot of positive […]

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