The Art of Worldbuilding: A beginning.

Yeah…I am struggling again on the blogging front. Health has been kicking me up the ass again, but I will try and get some fresh content soon! I currently have three articles in the works –

Another book review
Game of Thrones – Review Series
Another article discussing worldbuilding.

I am also taking up more author interviews 🙂

The Thousand Scar's Muse

Well, the art of writing stuff for my blog has diminished somewhat in the past week or so. It’s not writer’s block at all, I have plenty of ideas for the blog. It’s more…motivation? That would be it. You see, I’m focusing so much on my time on getting Counterbalance ready, it’s kind of killed all other trains of thought. I cannot have that, so here I am. This article I have been writing for almost a month, and it’s progression has been painfully slow: the art of worldbuilding.

To make worlds, you need to build them. Now, there are two main ways of doing this, what we call architect and gardening. And apparently in the current times, there is a third approach called the tourist. There is no right or wrong way of worldbuilding I might add. You can use whatever approach you like, whether it’s one or all…

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